We need a Superstar to go ‘WFPB’?

Ok, I know we live in a society of celebrity worship.

I know I am becoming more and more of a ‘dinosaur’ and care less with popular culture.

But I am concerned with the apparent rush of hope and joy spouted out when some Hollywood Star or Professional Athlete decides to give Vegan, Vegetarian, WFPB SOS a try.

It seems to me that ‘our side’ has just won the Super Bowl and we can rub it in the face of all THOSE LOSERS!

(You do remember that the new season starts in a few weeks and your ‘Championship’ will be worthless, right?)

I hate to say it, but in the Movie ‘Eating You Alive’ one of the big ‘stars’ admits to the wisdom of the change to WFPB, and showed the pictures to prove it worked in his life….. and then…. he admits he went back to the Standard American Diet (SAD) so he could keep a job.

Ok, you have to make a living, but somewhere there has to be a line drawn.

You who have read my blog have seen me refer to Penn Jillette and his 100 pound weight loss.  I hope he stays with the healthy life style as much as he wishes, but he may not.

I see glowing reports of many ‘superstars’ who ‘convert’ then as tragic as it seems, they give up the new lifestyle and go back to Crap Eating.

This will get them in quite a  special category… If it were some centuries in the past it could get them tied to a pole surrounded by a large pile of wood and they are burned at the stake for being a heretic.

I have seen a lot of friends get excited about eating this way and they arrive at various stages and then go their own way.

Just my opinion… who cares if a Superstar goes WFPB.  The truth of WFPB does not stand or fall because a President or Presidential Candidate follows this WOE (WAY of EATING).  I don’t care if Tom ‘whats his name’ is Vegan, I don’t care for him as a person, and he has a chef cook for him.

Bless his heart.

I cook my own eats.

I don’t need Superstars to keep me compliant to WFPB.

Besides, I trust and confide in Superstar Athletes and Celebrities  about as far as I can spit against the wind.

But then, that is just me…. the ol’ dinosaur …

Who does not count calories, does not measure proteins, will never fear carbs.


It is not your genes that make your jeans look like that…

Twins Demonstrate Diet Trumps Genes

Ok, how many of you read that link and were startled and read it again thinking it was something political?

NO, this blog is not about politics.

This is about excuses we have been giving for our terrible and embarrassing food choices.

Growing up as a young child in the later 50s and 60s, I can remember the women folk talking about gaining weight and the difficulty of losing weight and the seemingly impossible task of keeping weight off.


Even as a child under the ago of ten I remember the Moms discussing the thyroid problems the doctors were telling them they had  and that was why they were overweight.

I have heard the women folks talk about so many weight loss programs they were on and the next thing you know they are all ‘sold out’ to that idea.

Anyone remember the big  vibrating shaking belt machines everyone was using back in the days of black and white photos?  Yeah, I knew two people who actually owned such a machine.

That was a real winner wasn’t it?  Sure it was, for the companies who sold them.  Not so much for the consumer, right?

(Oh yeah, before the ‘haters’ get all shook up [git it….shook up>< vibrate shaker machine!?] please note I showed males in the picture…. OK?)

I have witnessed people till these very days do some traditional, crazy things to lose weight.

I hear family members tell a story of three adults on a trip in the early 70s to visit the Grand Canyon, and the kids were riding in the back of the crawl through window camper covered bed of a pickup and everyone was eating the watchers of weight (git it?) and all that tuna and green beans caused a epic trip remembered mostly by the flatulence cause by the diet plan.

As usual, the weight loss that was a desired goal was never achieved or if it was, never retained.

(Remind me we need to talk about the toxic fat created by yo-yo dieting/weight lost, and regained…. nasty subject!) [another day, another blog]

Anyway, read Dr Carneys article linked above.  Watch the 5 minute video that is in her article.

Meet a twin, who has a PhD, and tells how one of the most common myths of these days is just that…. a myth.

It ain’t your genetics that make you overweight.

It is what you eat.

Of the approximately 7.5 billion people alive in the world today… it is estimated that almost 30% of those are obese.

Genetics?  Really?  The overwhelming number of those are obese because they are eating.

You ready for this?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics in 2014, in America …

“***Percent of adults aged 20 and over with obesity: 37.9%

***Percent of adults aged 20 and over with overweight, including obesity: 70.7%

You know that %  has not gotten better since 2014….

It is the food people.

It is what you put in your mouth.

Stop blaming your Parents for the genetics.

However if you want to blame them for them introducing you to addictive drugs found in the Standard American Diet of Death, then we can move with that…

… but only a little.

It is your choice, therefore, your responsibility… your health.

Or lack of health.

*** *** ***

This movie is free on Netflix.

It is the movie that really ‘lit a fire’ under me to go Whole Food Plant Based in 2015. (and the bill from a by pass that I will be paying on for ten years)

You owe it to those who love you to watch the movie.

I have to admit something to you though…..

It was not until 2017 that I had an ‘aha! moment’ concerning the picture I posted above. (Which picture is also identical to the cover on the DVD )

It took me that long to realize the choice of the fork, was over the knife shown below the title.


You see, until my 60th year of age, I had been forking the foods that chose the SURGEONS KNIFE.

Almost 8 inches there folks of bad genetics! AND see those three ‘blue’ marks picture left of the 10 inch measurement on the tape?  THOSE are where I lived with the drain tubes for several days.  Seems as if there is a large amount of life threatening fluids that build up after they slice your chest open, clamp the sawed ‘in two’ chest bone apart with metal clamps, so they can take enough harvested ‘plaque lined’ veins from FOUR SEARCH AREAS on the legs and sew them over the crown of your HEART , so as to by pass arteries coated with plaque (ALL IN THE SAME ARTERIAL SYSTEM IN THE BODY) and then they hope the microscopic sewing job works, the rewiring of the chest bone holds and heals, while the super glue holds your skin bound together over all that, and heals properly.

That is not genetics people.

That is forking the Standard American Death Diet into your mouth while the Surgeons knife is looking forward to another of the ‘livestock’ coming back for more of the same in the near future.

UNLESS you tell the Livestock Industry (HUMAN LIVE STOCK, Medical Mafia, Pharmaceutical Mind Control/Drug Pushers to go ‘screw themselves!!’ and you start eating something with that FORK that will keep the Surgeons Knife on the table and out of YOUR CHEST!

It ain’t genetics.

It is the food.

It is counting calories, it is measuring proteins, it is fearing carbs…. and that is why I DON’t DO THAT ANY MORE!



Time well spent! But you do have to spend it…

This is a small ‘load’ from the grocery store, but the cleaning and wrapping for the refrigerator has become a weekly routine.

It amazes me to see people react to our selections of items in the basket.  It is not unusual for folks to do a double take, or even to comment at the number of fresh vegetables and other produce items we buy each week.

Weird huh?

This morning it was the checker who noticed and commented.  She also stated her husband had started changing his eating ways, attempting to become more healthy.

I broke into the conversation, since I had been sacking the groceries… ( I prefer to sack and carry my own groceries )…

I mentioned I had changed my WOE and survived the Triple By Pass and did not intend to ever have another!

When I mentioned Whole Food Plant Based No Salt, No Oil, No Sugar, her eyes lit up and she said she had seen something about WFPB SOS just this week.

We never figured out what show it was on but it wasn’t Fatmanrants.com /  https://www.facebook.com/tim.kaufman.129 who was on National TV last week like Superstars!

Things are really changing!

I gave her my card and she said she thought it would be great to have a group about this WFPB SOS in Facebook.  I told her there was my blog at oldmanskinandbones.com web site, as well as on FB, and my personal page    https://www.facebook.com/eraymartin

She was excited and said she would look it up when she got home.

Before we parted Betty and I visited with her quickly.  I told her I wish I had found this before the surgery, and maybe I could have escaped the By Pass.  Betty shared how others have reversed their Diabetes.

Maybe they can begin to follow the information, and avoid the typical Standard American Diet induced Chronic Diseases…. or even reverse the Chronic Diseases

The good news is no one needs to count calories, no one needs to measure protein, no one needs to fear carbs.


(Check out my favorite super nutritious vegetable !)

I love Collard Greens, RAW, Steamed, ROLLED, or just as a snack!


LUNCH ! and Supper Prep !

I made 7 of these.

The carrots were steamed gently them marinated for a day or so, then grilled just enough on the stove top grill so the burn marks were in place, as well as the carrot being heated.

At the top of this picture you see the one slice of whole wheat with mustard, onions, and small slices of lemon (peel included) and that is my ‘HOT DOG’

In the plate you see rice, mayacoba beans, topped with the Cauliflower Taco mix.

The mushrooms were cut, and marinated in the same bowl as the carrots, and CauliTaco stuff.

Hey I got 5 uses out of that one batch of marinade.

?? 5 you say ??

Give me  a minute……

If you look up Amazing Cauliflower Taco recipe at Brandnewvegan.com …  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>  ( http://www.brandnewvegan.com/recipes/mexican-food/amazing-cauliflower-tacos)

… you are going to find the recipe for the marinade…

Since I am a lazy cook, or suffer from a ‘thrift store’ mentality’… I hate to use a marinade once, then throw it away…. so I use it for multiple fixin’s ….

Check out Brandnewvegan.com for the other recipes mentioned here today…..

Tonight I am having mushrooms marinaded in the remains of this batch of items noted above…

At that point I will send it to the compost barrel….. I promise….


This was THE LAST BITES of lunch….. (try that lemon chunk, it is good!)

(Did I mention I am not afraid of carbs, and count nor measure calories, nor protein???

OK, good.

BUT HERE is what I found at the store this morning!


Three batches of mushrooms at less than half price!

Air Cooked Mushrooms are just wonderful!

And so good for you!

(They will be sliced and marinaded till supper)

I love this WOE (Way of Eating)

Never count calories, never measure protein, never fear CARBS!



The Poop Chronicles: Chapter #3

Some one was asking me where The Poop Chronicles: Chapter #2 went… …

(wait for it… …)

(wait for it .. … …)

I told them …. …. “… it got ‘wiped out!’

The following depicts the attitude my dear Betty has concerning my ‘humor’…

Ok, now back to the subject of The Poop Chronicles #3


You are only going to get real, usable FIBER for your body from vegetables, fruit, beans, grains….WHOLE FOODS, not processed stuff.

God made it that way and mangods will never figure a way to do better than that!

SORRY no supplements, vitamins or pills will never compare nor equal the Real Thing.

Lack of FIBER is critical to healthy life.

It is also necessary to resolve CONSTIPATION.

It is so CRAZY how much suffering goes on in ‘merica today because folks are eating crap, and not real food, and therefore, they cannot take a poop like should be taken.

They are PLUGGED UP!

Folks, I eat SO MUCH FIBER, I bet you I can be IN the door of the Restroom, “take care of business”, and be out with hands washed in less that 2 minutes.

If I am ‘on the clock’ as a member of the WORK FORCE, that is very few moments of getting paid by the hour to ‘relieve myself’ in the Mens Room  Butt think about it, I got paid while going to the Bathroom.

Ponder this….

Imagine there are 150 million workers any given day in this Country who have to go ‘sit on the throne’ while ‘on the clock’.

Lets Imagine it is gonna take 12 minutes to do the deed, and get back to being a productive paid employee.  It takes extra minutes ‘dropping the kids off at the pool’ BECAUSE the sitter person is constipated therefore using excess minutes…..

IF 150,000 constipated workers spend an extra 10 minutes ‘seeing a man about a dog…’ that adds up to a tremendous loss for the economy of the Country called to free the poor world from being impacted with poop that won’t move.

A message we could share with the WORLD is eat your vegetables, be healthy, and poop freely without creating varicose veins and hemorrhoids while on the clock!  GET TO WORK!

At the imagined math I noted above, we are looking at 1,500,000 lost minutes of workers productive time each work day.

That is 25,000 lost work hours a day.

That is 625 work weeks lost.

Over the last 239 years ‘merica has been a Country, that equals almost 150,000 lost work weeks.

Since America landed on the Moon it has been over 31,000 lost work weeks…..

How many lost work weeks has it been, at this rate, since your favorite team has won the Championship?

Scary Huh?

Ok, I guess we can flush this Chapter of The Poop Chronicles.

Point is, there is a lot of suffering and lost wages because most people want to eat like it is their ‘last meal’ instead of eating like they want to be healthy….

Fiber, it is so important, and thought about so little.

Don’t count calories, don’t measure protein, don’t fear CARBS.

Get your fiber.

Save the economy.

Avoid Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids….


My Exercise Play List.

Have you ever looked at your tummy when you are in the ‘up’ position of a old fashioned push up?

Terrifying, and gross at the same time.  For me anyway …

Sorry y’all, that saggy skin and globs of stored excess fat is … UGLY.  Ya just can’t ‘candy coat’ that evidence of 60 years eating the Standard American Diet into anything that would make a ‘snowflake’ feel happy and worthy of a ‘participation award’.

OH! and that floppy thing under your bicep when the arm is in the ‘show off my big (?) muscle pose.


I ‘need’ to lose 16 more pounds.

So far I have no pictures of my hanging belly posted …. have you noticed?

Imagine when I say I ‘need to lose 16 more pounds’, and multiply that picture above by three… and that is what is hanging from by wrinkled belly when I am in the position of a ‘pushup’ ( or earth down… what ever).

And lets dispel another stupid MYTH.  You don’t need that extra fat for winter, or starvation days after the end of the world as we know it… Your excess weight will probably cause you to be on of the 98% of the population to die in the first 12 months anyway.

Fat stored in excess is toxic storage and your body does not need it.  In most cases fat is just not necessary to healthy living and it is UGLY.


My work out consists of some ‘old man friendly’ moves…. and that old man has never worked out much, if any, in his life…. except High School… between 1969 – 1973.

I start the workout with 10 pushups with my hands on the seat of a chair, then 10 ‘squats’, 10 leg lifts, 10 donkey kicks with the right leg, then the left. and between each kick, I slowly lift off the floor, to my chest a 30 pound weight.  Then I do 10 pushups with my knees on the floor.

I go through this three times and then I go to the treadmill.

The speed is set at 2mph.  I intend to walk, and not fall down…

The elevation gets to #10 in the first few minutes.

For about 5-7 minutes I lift 5 pound weights while walking.

For another 5-7 minutes I lift 10 pound weights …. still at 2mph.

Then I lift 15 pounds till I can’t lift anymore… again while at 2mph.

By now there is a good reason to have the ceiling fan on high speed, a dry towel, and a couple of water bottles within reach.

By this point, I increase the speed to 2.9 and start jogging.

Mostly about 5-10 minutes, but one day I went 20 minutes at the jog.

Most of the time I have the 5 pound weights in hand while jogging.

By this time, I am rolling in a lot of perspiration and breathing pretty deep.

The neat thing is there is no pain except in my right knee … that old foot ball injury while playing against Cooper High back in 1972.

But I can breath DEEP the whole time.

THAT is something new since the weight loss, and the By Pass.

Breathing deeeeep and full, without pain or a cough coming on is a wonderful feeling.

Before the Heart Attack, I couldn’t push the lawn mower 10 steps before I would have to stop and catch my breath… and that only after I had checked out the surrounding area making sure no one was watching.  I couldn’t let anyone see me out of breath … ya know?!

I have not ‘maxed’ out on the deep breathing issue since the surgery.

And remember, the weight loss of 79 pounds was without workouts nor exercise of any kind.  I just ate that weight off.

But now since the issue of looking like a old man with nothing but skin and bones sagging off my arms and tummy, I have started working out since… August 2017 maybe?

After I jog a while I have been at the workout session for an hour or so.  One day I went nearly an hour and 20 minutes.

If I didn’t have other things to do, I think I could go longer.  I am hearing other WFPB folks who workout or jog, talk about ‘hitting the wall’, and then sometimes talk about getting past ‘the wall’ where they enter some altered state of consciousnesses where they enter the Twilight Zone and can run 30 miles and only want to stop because they have come to the edge of the world, or they have to pee.

It seems the brain begins to pump out certain hormones that keep you happy during extended workouts and you DON’T MOAN so much.

(Git it?  Hormones>< moans ??  )

So, I feel pretty good after these workouts.  As I said, I have NEVER been a person to do any exercise program at all, and I figure after retirement, why not?

Skin and bones my as_

My youngest son, Mr J sent some weights for a Christmas Gift.

These adjust to different weights up to 50 pounds each.

I hope someday soon to look like Marc Ramirez … One of my HEROES!

Check out his story! (and watch that movie ‘Eating You Alive’)


Also watch ‘Forks Over Knives’ on Netflix!

I think if I can get some nice workout gloves, it would help, don’t you?

OK, I am really getting into this thing so much…

(How much is it oldmanskinandbones.com?!)

Thanks for asking!

It is ‘so much’ , I have two mirrors placed so I can watch the muscles ‘ripple’ while working out!  PLUS there are four framed pictures where I can see the reflection of this body being redefined !

I am really impressed!

(Maybe I could sell live video links to other ‘OLD MEN’ who wanted to get upgrades on the old bodies?  Hummmm, ? AND of course the more’Senior’ LADIES who just want to admire this art work of a male body rippling during a slow walk on the treadmill with a painful look on my face resembling pain……)

Ok, we may want to put that idea on hold and consult some Public Perception/PR companies first  … … …

Now, back to the PLAY LIST.

I have a fairly diverse Play List.

Travis Tritt (Start the Car),

one Garth Brooks (you just can’t go wrong with ‘Standing Outside the Fire’),

a couple by Red Hot Chili Pepper ( I won’t give the titles because I would be in trouble with Aunt Helen for those…)

and for that same reason I will only state that a few selections of Atlantis Morissette  from the album “Jagged Little Pill’ made my list…

Already Gone, and Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles

American Woman, Lie to Me, Aqualung, Bad Case of Loving You, Back Up Against the Wall, Born to be Wild, Breaking the Law (I believe 5 selections from LeRoi Masy’s Play List) China Grove, Cocaine, Damned Drunk(Ronnie Dunn), several from Jonnie Lang, Dave Matthews (Drive in Drive Out, Too Much !) Enter Sandman (Metallica) Bostons ‘Foreplay/Long Time’,  Give Me Three Steps, Whats Your Name…

One from Kid Rock,  Big and Rich, The Doors, JoDee Messina,

and more

I am looking for more in case you have suggestions.  Seen them to oldmanskinandbones@gmail.com , thanks!

As you can see, only one or two are songs from the last months (‘Damned Drunk’ by Ronnie Dunn) { Wonderful LOVE SONG!} is the ‘newest’ song …

Most of my stuff is from two decades in the past…. or more.

I just have not been introduced into much new.  Even the Playlist from LeRoi is ‘old’. (Sorry brah…)

Eye of the Tiger.  I do not have that one on the list.  Not any RAP or Gangster.  “I wanta Be A Cowboy” with Kid Rock is the closest to that ….

Some of this stuff is from the 60’s.


Ok, I need to get to the work out and get these fat flabby stored toxins out of this tummy.  (LORD KNOWS I don’t need to lose any off my BUTT because it is GONE and there is nothing remaining….)

I do not count calories, I do not measure protein, I FEAR NO CARBS!


(feel the burn….. or like the Scout Master used to say, “… you boys don’t stand so close to the camp fire!!)

oh yeah!

The LeftOver Chronicles, Chapter 1

If I go back to May 2015, and especially after the Heart Attack in October 2015, there are going to be a rapid increase of Chapter Counts.

I actually thought of this idea of naming the food pictures with LeftOvers ‘The LeftOver Chronicles’ after the introduction of the first Chronicles, ‘The Poop Chronicles”.

(By the way, The Poop Chronicles #3 is being processed at this time and will be expelled soon!)

This installment of Chapter 1 in The LeftOver Chronicles was, as usual a creation at a meal time, and I was feeling lazy, yet with a burst of original creativity.

(As often occurs, the ‘BETTER HALF’ opted out and went for the ever ‘safe’ Green Salad.) [Don’t get me wrong, SHE IS a brave soul, she married me…. but ….]

But my ‘work of art’ tonight started with plain white corn tortillas baked crispy in the oven while resting on the ‘silly cone’ liner or what ever you call that red thing in the picture.  It is great for baking in the oven and clean up is quick.

Here come the left overs….

The Eggplant from the Pizza the other night had a little more time to marinade, so I diced a few big spoon fulls in the the skillet on the stove top… along with mayacoba beans, rice, quinoa and some of the three bean stew Betty made the other day.

After the tortillas were crispy, I placed a layer of all the aforementioned items on the top, and stuck back in the 425 degree oven for about 5 minutes, then I placed the tomatoes, red onions and purple cabbage on top…..

and then, it happened ….

I saw the half of an orange sitting in the frig waiting for Bettys BREAKFAST tomorrow morning.

(She doesn’t know about this yet so keep quiet ok!?)

I diced the orange and spread it as far as I could on the finished products.

Good thing I wasn’t Russian.

(( get it?!  … … … finnished>>>Russian?? ))

Ok, sorry ….

I did add a little HOT SAUCE before I grabbed the spoon and napkin and devoured all six delights!

I did mention I don’t Count Calories, Measure Protein, NOR FEAR CARBS!!



yum yum! (but it was a good thing I had the napkin AND spoon!)

OH! HERE is the picture !

They were sooooo good!

BUT NEXT TIME!…. more Oranges!

Dr. Linda! The Doctor from BUDA… Buda, Texas

Yes, there is a Buda, Texas.

And there is a wonderful Doctor there named Linda Carney.

I began following her on Face Book, after I found there were many sites concerning the Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.

The cool thing was, she also was SOS ( meaning no salt added, no oil added, no processed sugar added ).

At that time, I had just grown into that part of my ‘journey’.

Check out her page!  I know you will like what you find!


She is quite the author of many articles and is also a speaker on a grand scale!

The following article is one she posted on FB today, and it is a real winner!

Why Weight?

Fascinating article!

Dr Linda explains why we are so destined to fail on ‘diets’ and why getting the correct information is key to health and weight issues.

One of the several points made in the article is concerning ‘satiety’

“.. We experience satiety only when both the stretch receptors and nutrient receptors inside of our stomachs have been activated…”

What is in the world is ‘satiety’ and how do you say that word?

Well, as usual, it depends on where you live.

What it means is that feeling you get when you have eaten enough,  and signals are sent to the brain saying, “… HEY! STOP EATING, WE ARE FULL DOWN HERE…”.

Well, basically, that is what happens… in a simple kinda way.

You see, when I started my journey that has resulted, so far, in 79 pounds of weight loss, I was more concerned with ‘health’ than anything else!  Weight loss was a natural result.

I changed all the food, and drink I had been consuming.  Sure a little at a time, but every day was more of the healthy food.

I was eating more than ever before, losing weight, and feeding my body what it needed to become healthy, as well as repair the damage that had been done (hearth attack and by-pass)

As I continue to learn and get my body healthy, I am grateful for folks like Dr Linda Carney in Buda, Texas!

And I am grateful for her work as a Doctor, as well as a Human Being!

She is a bright light in the world of confusion and darkness!

Read her article linked above!  You will be shocked, and pleased with what you find.

And visit her web site.  There are tons of resources! and… you can ask the Doctor questions!


There is help in so many places, but watch out… you can go to a dozen sites ask the same question and get a dozen different answers and solutions, and most likely, a dozen different things you ‘have’ to buy.

I have narrowed my trusted sources to only a few people.

Dr Carney is one of those few.

Don’t trust any one who tells you to COUNT CALORIES, MEASURE PROTEIN, or FEAR CARBS.

I don’t do any of those things.


(and how DO YOU say ‘satiety’?)

‘The Poop Chronicles’ (how to measure your poop)

The first time I was ‘introduced’ to the idea of measuring the weight of my ‘poop’ was while listening to Dr Gregers book, ‘How Not to Die’.

One of the reasons I grew to enjoy Dr. Gregers work was his …. humor.

Occasionally, some may call it ‘Bath Room Humor’.

Butt in the book as well as the videos,  that humor comes on!

Like, this video…


In fact, you can copy and paste this link and find over 5 pages of videos on subject concerning healthy stool and the such.


And you though ‘poop’ was not such a big deal?

Well welcome to a new world!

Twice today I have weighed my poop, and have shown 1.4 lbs each time.

Amazing isn’t it?

According to page 65 in Dr Gregers ‘How Not to Die’ the average stool weight in ‘merica is about a quarter pounder, and occurs between every 4 to 7 days…. on average, for those eating on the Standard American Diet.

(That problem is a simple Nutritional Deficiency issue.  Not enough FIBER! Which is ONLY found in Fruits Vegetables, Legumes, Beans and Whole Grains… )


Anyway, back to quarter pounder poop.

The poopulations… oh! I meant populations dropping the quarter pounders have colon caner on a rate three time higher than those dropping more that a half a pounder.

The strain of stressing to force out small and harder stool causes a number of really ugly problems all the way from your head to your toes…. awful…..

Also on page 235-6 Dr Greger addresses the issue of constipation and the toxins absorbed in the body from delayed pooping, or difficult pooping..

Pooping is serious business.



I get on the digital scales weigh on the way in, and weigh after I come out of the potty room.

And some of you were worried I was gonna start talking about Plastic Wrap or baggies….

Silly people.

The only sources of usable fiber for the Human Body is Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Nuts….WHOLE FOODS.

There is NONE in Dead Animal Muscle, nor Baby Calf Growth Hormone Secretions (Dairy Products).

There is none in Supplement Bottles.

And Boxes of Raisin Bran, and Bran Buds have SO MUCH PROCESSED SUGAR added it is more toxic than just eating cardboard.

Yeah, Bran Buds, that stuff your Grandma used to eat for Constipation….

Ok, weigh your poops and lets all report in the weight….

I start the report…. so far today 01/07/2018 I weigh in at a combined 2.8 pounds….

If there is more, I will edit at this point >>>*<<<.

Stop counting calories!

Stop measuring proteins!



(come on folks, be NICE to yourself!)

Grandma Beulah Blakey

So much of my Grandparents is lost to me as both sets are gone now since the mid 90s.

I grew up near Arzie and Roxie Martin


So there are countless memories and experiences with them…..

But it was Moms folks that lived so far away for most of my life.

Elic and Beulah Blakey.

I am sorry to say, I am not even sure of the correct spelling of Grandmas name….( but that is stuff for another Blog, another day)

Most of the time I recall, they lived northeast of Little Rock Arkansas.

The earliest memories are of a house made with rock for the siding.  For the longest time they had no running water and no inside plumbing.

One house was a pier and beam where Grandma cooked on a huge wood burning stove… and we visited during July every year.

That was one hot kitchen.

I was intrigued by that stove, but was never allowed in the kitchen since getting burned was always a possibility.

(I wonder if that is where I became interested in cooking, and playing with fire….? humm??)

There was always a barn where goats were kept.

Grandpa Elic was always convinced goats milk was a cure for most anything, plus he believed it made the best cornbread.

I discovered one of Grandmas secrets of cooking and baking was using a lot of real butter and goats milk.

At least, that is what I was told.

Grandma always had a very large Garden.  She could grow anything, any where.

Her carport was lined on the west side by emptied food cans with flowers planted in the cans, as they were hung with a homemade hook.

They always grew so well.  She truly had the ‘Green Thumb’.

It was in her Garden where I was paid a nickle for ‘picking weeds’, one hot vacation in July.

She proudly tolds me she would pay me a nickle to pick the weeds !

With no respect, nor compassion on my part, I told Grandma I didn’t thing a nickle was enough for ‘picking weeds’ in that July Sun and Heat.

My Mom instantly slapped that disrespect out of my face, and I realized the error of my spoiled city boy ways, and went to picking weeds for most that day… and yes, it was still July and no clouds in the sky for shade.

I didn’t dare go to the shade of the carport and ask for a drink of water either since I was sure Mom had the trigger cocked and ready to launch another ‘attitude correction administration’, and she was still pissed for my earlier sassy mouth.

Two things occurred that afternoon though.

Well, three if you count that sunburn the spoiled city boy got…..

But, I remember the first time I liked the taste of a Cherry Tomato, ripe, and sun warmed as I took it off the vine, and enjoyed the ‘wonder’ of a real fresh vine ripe tomato.

It was just before Supper, and I was really hungry.

After I had eaten several, I was afraid I might get caught at the end of the day, and the inventory would be lower than normal.

Plus there was the issue of a stain or two on my t-shirt.

I have loved vine ripe tomatoes ever since.

No, I wasn’t caught, and there was no questions concerning the low number of tomatoes, nor the stains on the t-shirt.

(Well, no wonder since I surely had sweat was all tomato stains off well before any Mother could find reason to open a ‘Tomato Gate Inquiry’.

The other issue was that Grandma somehow found a quarter to pay me, and instructed me to never tell my Momma that I was paid five times what was the original arrangement.

I have never known a sweeter and more tender soul than my Grandma Beulah.

In the fall of 1969 we received a call that Grandma had suffered a stroke.

The Grandma I had grown up with was gone…even though she ‘survived’ the stroke, and didn’t pass till the early 90s.

What was left was the shell of a woman who lost the use her right arm, speech, and much more.

She tried to talk with you but ended up crying at the apparent disappointment of not being able to communicate well at all.

Now, I feel I was a terrible Grandson during those remaining years.

It was too painful to see her that way, and I guess I reverted back to that spoiled little city boy ways when I was more concerned with me and mine, rather than what Grandma needed or wanted.

I didn’t make too many efforts to visit her and Grandpa after that.

Sure I was in High School, getting to drive a car, realizing ….’girls’, making money, football, and college, and …. well…. what I wanted and thought was the most important ….

Grandma died in the early 90s I recall… or was it the late 80s?

I know Grandpa passed in 1990.

I went to Grandmas Funeral, and didn’t go to Grandpas.

I was too busy, and too many other important things were going on….

Ok, that is the way it ‘seemed’ at the time.

Nevertheless, that is water under the bridge now.

It may well be bridges under the water.

Probably both.

In the last years I have been able to discover more of my family and the histories.

Betty has been into the study of genealogy and has found much research already done on the Blakey Family, as well as the Martin side and some of these ‘trees’ going back to almost 1500 or so.

We have one picture of my Great Great Grandpa James Washington Blakey who looks so much like a dear Brother of mine…..

The point is, I have lost so much with their passing.

Well, so much for that.

What I do have, and what I might could have had, are things I ponder often.

Remember I said earlier that Grandma cooked everything in Butter?  I also remember she fried so many things too.

I know she had the used Bacon Grease Bucket sitting by the stove, as our Mothers did, and as a mater of fact, I HAVE TOO!  Not now though.

“We’ now know that frying anything in any oil causes a change in the structure of the oil, as well as the items being fried…. and none of it is good!

You do realize just driving by a ‘all you can eat’ Chinese Food Place or even Burger King is toxic fumes… … don’t you?  Yeah, like those fumes in our kitchens when oil or animal muscle is ‘fried’.

Ok, here is perhaps the toughest truth you could face in your life time ‘merica….. smelling fried BACON is killing you and your family.

I know you can find some Paleo, Keto, Adkins ‘scientific’ research (?) that will tell you ‘good news’ about a toxic addiction/lifestyle that will agree with our bad habits, but folks, I have had both parents, all the Grand Parents, too many friends and family SUFFER NEEDLESSLY to give a DAMN about your desire to justify needless suffering, expense, and terror about your F__KING “BUT BACON” Crap.

I am tired of the suffering.

I am tired of the loss.

There are just some things that can never be regained once they are lost.

Call me crazy, but I really want to live long enough to use time travel and go back and visit with departed family…. there is some stuff I need to know, and want to know.

Plus I would like to know where the six foot single shot ‘goose gun’ went Grandpa Blakey said i could have…. or at least I thought he said that.

I wish I could sit and try to understand why my sweet Grandma Beulah could use the powdered SNUFF and end each day with that awful stuff.

AND I want to know why she thought I wanted to give her a kiss before I went to bed when that stinky snuff was running down that crease at the corner of her mouth.

AND Why! WHY! WHY! did she leave that spit can behind her chair where I could tip it over while playing the next day ….

I really want to know how she could grow all those plants, and WHY the buzzing Dirt Dobbers never scared her when she was in the Out House.

They sure scared me.

I know we all, are going to die.

What I do ‘plan to do’, is choose how I will not die.

I do not plan to die from a self inflicted Chronic Disease caused by my misinformed irresponsible choices.

And folks, while I am NOT DYING from self inflicted Chronic Disease caused by my misinformed irresponsible choices…

I will be never counting calories, never measuring proteins, never fearing carbs.