Crap you hear on the Internet … OMG! or on ‘Breaks’

I know in some ways, I am ‘growing up’.

For one thing, I am no as reactive as I used to be to “CRAP” you hear everyday.

Nor is a friend I have who has some interesting stories from BREAKTIME at work.

In fact, you can hear how to capture RattleSnakes and actually live through getting struck several times, and finally becoming immune to the venom.  All this on “Break”.

Of course, that involves a few bottles of Wild Turkey… and this TRUE STORY being told by a fellow who kept some of these RattleSnakes at his house, and also pulled all of his teeth with mechanic pliers from his tool box… and again, a few bottles of Wild Turkey.

He did get dentures after the tooth pulling healed.  And, as you surely guessed, a few bottles of … … you know …

Break time is where a fellow I know, learned how to capture chickens from the little house next door (as the chickens harvested crumbs from the fellows eating snacks ) and tuck the head under the wing, roll them in a circle three times clockwise, then three times counter clockwise, and they would be asleep until the time came to shake them, to ‘wake them up’.

Break time is where you can actually hear many phrases like, ” Here! HOLD MY COFFEE, watch this….” …

The following is another conversation heard around a break time ….

“… I am being like the ‘healty person, who is eating two apples for break…”

(other person) “…really, what are you having?”

“… a fruit flavored sparkle drink, bits of high protein cheese, and snack crackers…”

(other person) “… well actually, your food is more healthy than the two apples, because they have less carbohydrates, and more protein than the two apples…”

The person conveying this actual story said at this point they were absolutely speechless.

Personally, as I convey this story from a reliable source, I am astonished that God, the ALL WISE CREATOR could make such a horrible mistake as to have left such a grandiose error in place before the last hours of ‘creation’ came to an end.

Two apples are more unhealthy than soda water, with artificial flavors, snack crackers and cheese?

I ‘shake my head’ = SMH

Oy Vey

Not many days after I began to ‘devour’ Nutritional, Healthy Living/Eating, in relationship to Heart Attacks and By Pass Surgery research, I discovered there is a fountain of information, and ‘crap’ on these subjects.

Finally realizing the BULL CRAP was more abundant than the truth, I put limits on who I would read.

I had purchased, from a few, who enlightened me to the fact that I had wasted my money, and time listening to them and their claims.

I have come to this conclusion….

I believe we are created by Wisdom and Compassion.  This body has simple and complete fuel provided to ‘run on’.  Man cannot improve on what God has provided.

There, I said it.

And, I am sure, real science proves it.

Ok, I just completed two sentences in a row with prepositions.

Time to stop for this session.

I need to get in touch with my inner English Grammar Geek.

And until I do, be sure you remember,

I will not be counting Calories, I will not be measuring Protein, I will NEVER FEAR CARBS!

(nor two apples)


MORE Fun in the Kitchen!

It is always a new adventure in the kitchen, or just simple, and easy ‘hurry up! I have to go, no time for anything fancy!’

Last Saturday we were ready to go to the Grocery Store and there was no time for mixing up anything fancy, so I had a potato.

No, actually I had two, and that was breakfast.

Oh yeah, I spread Frenches Mustard on it pretty thick.

Yes, all those horrible ‘carbs’ and plain mustard.

It was a wonderful breakfast.

And easy too.

Another ‘hurry up meal’.

Steamed Potatoes, then sliced, and roasted in the Hot Air Cooker till nice and brown.

The patty was a blending of a lot of left overs based in Black Beans, and maybe a 1/2 a cup of whole wheat flower to bind it together with the blended corn, Leafy Green Salad additions that made the veggie patty seen in the picture.

You can take one of those patties and make a really good burger too!

Next is one of the last pieces of Sweet Potato Pie I made from a recipe from Dr John McDougalls site.

No sugar or oil used however, I did use a prefab crust, because I didn’t get started early enough to make my own.  I failed to plan properly.

Later today I will make a Pumpkin Pie and also make the Crust according to the recipe.

The sweet potato pie is gone!

And the last entry today is the Dill Pickle Rice.

I have done this before and liked it…. Dill Pickle Rice.

I wonder what else you can use to flavor rice?

This jar of pickles were consumed over a couple of meals, so I decided to use the liquid for soaking the rice.

I added one cup of Brown Rice and let them get to know each other for about 32 hours.

No particular reason for the time of 32 hours, it was just that amount of time before I needed to put the Rice in the Instant Cooker.

I have started cooking only one cup of Rice since I use it sooner, and it doesn’t dry out as soon…. of course, you can always remedy that by reheating it in the steam of the IP while the Greens are steaming.


I am getting hungry.

Well, that is the most current update on my adventures in the kitchen…

More later…

And just one quick question….

How can people be so afraid carbs?

I never count calories, never measure protein, never FEAR CARBS.

…the days when my answer to everything was ‘But Bacon’

“But Bacon!”

Wasn’t that at least 50% of the entire reason you went camping, so you could build a fire, and cook bacon, and dead chickens, rotting cow and pig parts over flame?  At least burn a crispy edge on SPAM slices…

Was this not THE THING that established proof that I was REALLY a man among men.

I thought it was necessary revitalize my inner Caveman.  HUNT, KILL, then burn it over fire, and eat off a stick if necessary… YES! A Stick!  REALLY!  A STICK MADE OF WOOD!

Now THAT is what makes a real man!


I thought so.

(Betty will just stare right through me when I talk like that… as if I am not even ‘there’, and that kind of talk automatically disconnects my proclamations of what makes a real man, from her ability to hear and comprehend the words I speak.)

By the way, have you seen the current research concerning the burning of food?  Heat causes changes to the food, and perhaps the changes to dead animal parts over the flames are the most alarming.

My Mom cooked all meat items very well done since that was reported to have been my Dads preference.  (Dad died at the age of 53 with colon cancer).

Anyway, here is my motivation for this blog being constructed at 2:20 am December 26, 2017…

I am following the horror stories of a ‘Vegan’ whose dear family member is eating themselves into a Chronic Disease Disaster… and violently defends her ‘right’ to do so.

The replies from dozens of other folks are just as sad, or even worse.

People do not just change their habits, beliefs, comforts, sticks of butter, milk, bacon, and thick slices of bologna, simply because some crazy family member ‘sees’ the light and turns Vegan, Vegetarian, Whole Food Plant Based …. yada yada yada….

I do know that, but sometimes forget to remember that.

Yesterday Betty told her Grandson there was a dessert “…I COULD NOT HAVE…”.

My self righteous indignation flared up and I declared “… NOT SO!  I CAN HAVE ANYTHING I WANT!  I CHOSE to not have that dessert because I Chose Not to have it!”

(There is a big difference between ‘I can’t’, and ‘I choose to not to do’.  One way says I must obey, submit, take orders and comply to a higher authority… and the other says I am a Free, Self Determined Man, Choosing to Live IN Liberty, making my own decisions concerning what I CAN, and what I CAN’T)

Isn’t that about the same as the way people react when you tell them those fried bologna sandwiches are cancer causing… milk / dairy products are Liquid Heart Attacks, that eating dead animal parts is toxic, and that none of the animals are delighted  to be killed so we can, ‘But Bacon!’

Last Grocery Day we passed the Sea Food Section, as we do every week.  The guy filling the ‘Fresh? Sea Food Counter has on a face mask, long gloves, apron covering from head to feet, and you know his nasal passages are getting coated with the molecules of the slime and stink from the dead sea creatures.  AND you know they also have a real amount of Sea Creature Shit covering them too.

And since I can smell that floating death as I pass by, I am breathing that literal ‘shit’ into my lungs too.


But there are enough folks willing to come in there, pay those prices, carry home those dead creatures, contaminate their cabinets, knives, tables and plates, just so they can eat that dead stuff.

And you can’t tell them the facts, and expect to change them.

I know that because I have been one of them.

Nothing will change them and what they think, until they are ready to hear, and change…. which may be NEVER.

Even in the face of death, they may not change, nor ever want to hear.

I do not think I am here to make them hear.

But I am here to live the life I choose, and let my actions be an example…. at least be an option for others to see, and consider.

It is a BIG DEAL to me….

But it does not have to be anything to anyone else.

Ok, I have vented…

but I will never count calories, measure protein, nor shall I fear Carbs!

(REMEMBER!? I am a ‘tough guy’…. a ‘real man’!)

… here, hold my beer…WATCH THIS!!…

I remember well, the day my Cardiologist laughed at me twice in the same ( and LAST) visit I made to him, when I told him I was in the process of replacing those medications he prescribed to me, with the food I was eating…. that I did not plan to be on those drugs any longer.

He laughed and told me I would be on these drugs the rest of my life.

His attitude, by MY PERCEPTION was this…. He was the ‘PROFESSIONAL’, I was the dumbass, and that I was to stop being foolish, shut up, and take the drugs he ordered. ( Again, MY PERCEPTION…)

Today, 20 months later I am sitting here just having taken my Blood Pressure at 109/71 ( after three cups of coffee).


I am wearing comfortably size 30 Wranglers, maintaining a 79 pound weight loss… AND I TOTALLY AGREE with Emily Brandehoff, “… That just made me try harder.”

I have a different perspective about most things…. always have.

“… here, hold my beer…WATCH THIS!!…” seems to be a typical reaction from me….

My youngest son just bought a set of weights called ‘PowerBlock’ dumbbells, or barbells as I have called them.  They are really neat!!

My oldest son was here last evening and showed me some really cool moves with them, and I am so gonna “get it on!” with these things!

MY PERCEPTION of the results are depicted in the following picture…

(Don’t you just love those sandals!!??)

…. here, hold my beer!  and …

… while I ‘get there’…

I will never count calories, never measure protein, NEVER FEAR CARBS!!

( … watch this! )



My Holiday Desert !

Ok, actually it is a fruit salad I am liable to make year round except this one has Pomegranate Seed and that is a bit ‘seasonal’.

Bananas, Cranberry, Orange, un sweetened coconut, and about 5 peanuts.

Better than all the cream, sugar, dairy filled stuff typically used to celebrate the Season…

Count, Measure, Fear NO Calories, Protein, Nor CARBS !

(   oh yeah, remember the Hot Air Cooked Blue Berry Pancake I posted this morning?  It is gone.  I started to nibble the browned/crunchy edges after i removed the Parchment Paper, and there is NOTHING REMAINING!  It was THAT GOOD!)

[ oh, and as you can imagine, it was chocked FULL of carbs … that I did not, do not, will not, should not FEAR!! ]

({[ …  and, you should not either…]})

and… sorry about the quality of the picture   …

FREE Healthy Recipes !!

You want to find a huge resource of Heath Information and FREE RECIPES!! ??

McDougall Recipes

You will find them here!

Also, If you do not want to read his publications at this time, or check out his books at the Local Library, or his Free web site , then check out his youtube site and get HOURS and HOURS of Healthy Information!

You will see his passion too!!!

He is another of my HEROES!

I love his story too!

(Check out the one where he had a ‘learning experience ‘ with his Mom and Dads SOFA years ago!  FUNNY!)

Today, I tried his Pancake Recipe!


Here we are getting started…

This was the 2nd try, since the first was a bit too …. burnt… But I ate it!

I really like these Pancakes.  I plan to make some that are ‘savory’.

This was done in the Hot Air Cooker, on Parchment Paper.

And this is just for FUN!

Count no CALORIES,

Measure no Protein,


Who has read, Fast Food Genocide: How Processed Food is Killing Us …

Fast Food Genocide: How Processed Food is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It
Book by Joel Fuhrman and Robert Phillips
I am in chapter two….
I think this is going to be a game changer for me.
What do you think about the book!?
This is radical stuff!

I have been thinking some of this for a long time.

Folks, so many times, people look at me with astonishment and ask, ” WHY do you eat like this!!??”.
And I have many answers!
And they are answers delivered with PASSION!
I have YET to have been able to lay all my answers out on the table.
The one answer I give is that with each and every BITE, I am in a active REBELLION against the assumed opinion that ‘THEY’ (government, lobbyist, manufacturers, industries, pharmaceuticals, medical mafias, and the rest ) know what is best for me, and that I really don’t NEED to know what is in the product/s that they sell me and tell me is good for me, AND THEY KNOW THEY ARE LYING.
Few if any want to hear why  eat like this because they do not want to hear my seething memories of my Mothers leg blowing up before my very eyes and the memory of that ‘but bacon’ cancer eating my Daddy into a TRUE oldmanskinandbones…. but ya know, Daddy was NOT a old man when he died at 53….
Someday, I will get it all down on ‘paper’ WHY I EAT THIS WAY.
Until then, I study, I type, I talk…while never counting calories, never measuring proteins, NEVER FEARing CARBS…
(please tell me what you think at
Thank You

Where is information about Whole Food Plant Based?
This post/picture is from one of my HEROES! who happens to be Tim Kaufman … I began to follow him on Facebook soon after I started my journey down the rabbit hole and the cult of extreme weirdos who had the insane idea that eating Whole Foods, Plants was a healthy idea.
Weirdos and extremist for sure !!
I mean to say folks … who in their ‘right’ mind would GIVE UP by pass surgery, Stent Placements over and over, medications proven to do very little good and almost no prevention of Heart Attacks, yet cause side effects even death! JUST to enjoy eating the best foods in the world we were made to eat!??
Yeah! That is just crazy extreme!
Follow on Facebook. and join his web site by the same name!
And, while your at it, join , on the web, and ‘Like’ it as well on Facebook.
We both love a ‘pat on the back’ ya know!
After all, we are such crazy extremist !  Even Revolutionist ….
Do you want to be extreme too!!??
Never count calories, Never Measure Protein, NEVER FEAR CARBS!!
(Once again, thanks for that list of ‘tools’.  You are a rock star!)

What we eat, kills us more than smoking…

The following is a quote from the video I have linked below.

“… the number one cause of death in the United States, and the number one cause of disability in this country, is our diet—which has bumped tobacco smoking to number two. Smoking now only kills about a half million Americans every year, whereas our diet now kills hundreds of thousands more….”

I love

So many of the things that I have learned since my journey down the rabbit hole of lies, deception, ‘Newspeak’, and other Nutritional subjects has come to me through the work of Dr. Michael Greger, his book ‘How Not to Die’ and as aforementioned,

I am not a fan of government sticking its nose in our business, but in the business of food, they have stuck more than just their nose in our business.

We all have to eat, and there fore food and all the industries involved with feeding the world is a very profitable business to be involved in…. and there in comes the government …. saying they want to protect us, when the truth of the mater is, they just want to get in on the ‘action’, and big bucks.

That is why we cannot trust the government and its all caring wisdom concerning our food.

For starters anyway….

We must educate ourselves on the things that pertain to our well being, health and nutrition.

A battle is going on these days for our attention and dollars.  It is the same as the attention Cigarette Smoking as noted in the video linked above.

Can you believe how CRAZY those advertisements were?

Think about it….

In 50 years we will look back at the food ads of 2017 and think, HOW CRAZY THOSE WERE!!.

Maybe we will play some back at my 110th Birthday Party… in about 48 more years….

Are you going to be there?  Your invited.  February 9th 2065

I plan to be there with bells on my toes, and dancing !

It is only 17216 days until then (today is 12/21/2017)

And, as each of these days pass,

I will never count a calorie, I will never measure protein, and I will never fear a CARB.

Free Your Mind! And the rest will follow!

The following was a post from

“Dave’s Killer Bread, hummus, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, salt, pepper with side of pomegranate seeds. Prep time: minutes. Taste: as if the angels descended from heaven with the ingredients.

This is my kinda imagination when to comes to food.

Besides I like Dr Garth Davis because he is a Texan.  Plus, he is a ‘take no crap’ kinda guy….

Also, I have read his book three times and recommend it to everyone!

Our culture really is killing itself with the things we eat… like animal protein.

But back to the post…

I have always been attracted to strange combinations of food.  But then it seems I have been strange with food for as long as I remember.

My first ‘official’ job was at the local Grocery Store in the big city of Wolfforth Texas. (Ha ha, ‘spell check’ does not recognize that word…!)

When I began to draw my pay from the Grocery Store, I found I could buy ‘stuff’ I wanted, and eat it all myself.  I had three brothers and they were not going to get any of this hard earned bounty!

So, when I got this stuff home, I would hid it under my mattress.  I would sneak it out when I wanted to enjoy what usually was snack crackers like the ever so famous  ‘Chicken in a Biskit’… Club Cracker was there too.

I am assured by my sweet wife Betty that was the beginning of some kind of a mental disorder with food.

I have assured her, there was probably a disorder before that…

As the days of 2017 are almost gone,  I begin my third year of ‘This Way of Eating’ (WOE).  I have listened to almost 700 hours of books on Nutrition, Health, and things that interest a fellow with the almost 8” ‘zipper’ in his chest from the Triple By Pass.  And… I still create some really strange looking stuff to eat, and some of it is really good. Some of it …. well …

You know how I hate to throw things away, so once in a while, some of my creations ‘gone wrong’, could really use the Chickens formerly kept in the back yard at the other house for disposal.  They were great pets, but after the Heart Attack and my research on caring for the heart, I stopped eating any Animal Products… including eggs.

I miss them, but I sure do not miss the Clogged Arteries and Doctor Bills that take 12 years to pay off.

Remember, I am breaking averages here.  A BY PASS, Stent victim on average, returns for more By Pass or Stents with in one year…. It is because they are told it is fine to continue eating all the stuff that made the By Pass and Stents necessary.

I am two years and three months after my By Pass, and breaking averages with every bite of Whole Food I take.

So, to keep me happy with the Whole Food Plant Lifestyle, I make a wide variety of things to eat.

Some is weird.

But here is my regret I have with all this…

I do not have more time, and meals to eat everything I want to try, and I want to try so many of these WFPB treats over and over… …

Yeap folks, it is fun!

And, sometimes it scares the less adventurous.

Join the fun!  Try something new.

Lose the tongues addiction to salt, processed sugars and fried stuff…. and Animal Protein.

A world of wonderful sensual pleasure will assault your taste buds, make you healthy, and on top of that…. you feel so much better, and your skin is not greasy any longer.

I have lost 79 pounds (so far) and never counted a calorie, never measured protein, and never FEARED CARBS.