Broken Road-a song on my Play List

More from the Work Out Play List and Motivation.

Bless the Broken Road

Maybe not quite a song one would expect on a Workout Play List but there it is.

I have noted several times, that motivation for ME, comes from unusual places.

This is one of the songs Betty and I have had ‘out of the body’ experiences to while dancing, where everything and everyone disappears from the floor, time stops, and all that exists is the meeting of our eyes, and the movement of our bodies, which seem to become one.

Those are special times with the one you love.

Betty and I have shared many of those.

So, that song is one my Workout Play List, and it motivates me for many reasons.

This is one of the things I think about when I hear this song now.

What I put Betty through as well as other family members, and friends.

I chose to cause them suffering by the lifestyle choices I made that brought me to this hospital bed after Triple By Pass.

My choices almost caused a Broken Road to occur… almost a dead end.

“…I think about the years I spent, just passing through,
I’d like to have the time I lost, and give it back to you…”

I did have a opportunity to give some lost time back to everyone.

I guess I came close to ending it all with the condition in which I had placed myself, and the surgery too.  I mean, they had to scrounge around four places in my legs to find enough usable veins to sew together, to be able to By Pass the clogged Arteries on my heart.

(You do know that ON AVERAGE, a By Pass or Stent Placement will occur again with in a year for about 34% of people having their first?) [Not me!!]

But, as it stands today, it seems I escaped the ‘Broken Road’ as an exit, and now it has become a new path to be shared.

I just started reading a book Finding Ultra by a fellow named Rich Roll.

And of course, he can be followed on FaceBook at Rich Roll

He didn’t have a heart attack but he had a number of stages he went through that were major changes for him

Good story!

We all have events that come to our lives and how we react to these will determine the road we follow.

Sometimes the road is much better and more interesting than the road we were on…

Thank goodness for the Broken Roads we encounter.

Thank the Road that sometimes becomes Broken, and offers a change, and thank goodness for the chance to make a change.

What songs are on your Play List?

Never counting calories, measuring proteins, nor fearing CARBS.

Oh yeah, yesterday 2/17/2018 I jogged on the treadmill for 65 minutes, at 2.8 mph for a distance of 3.03 miles.

Another new record.

That 1:05 is one hour, and five minutes …


TOENAILS…I cut my own.

That is not intended to be gross.

It is more like a cry of VICTORY!

I have seen folks who could not care for their own toe nails.  Maybe because of vision, or lack of strength, or skills.

MY problems in the  past is that my big belly was in the way.

I also had these problems with that big belly getting in the way when I tried to lace up my boots.

(I wear lace up Ropers with a walking heal since regular cowboy boots seem to hurt my feet terribly.  Betty and I ‘boot-scoot’ the old school way…. you know, the man leads, the woman follows, you show courtesy on the floor for the other dancers, and guard your form as the couple holds their partner on the proper form.  BUT we are ‘dinosaurs’, ‘antiques’ and the such when it comes to dancing…. today’s Dance Clubs are … )

Perhaps I should return to the subject at hand… my feet.

I remember ‘Dumb and Dummer’ when one of the main characters was getting a pedicure with a 110 volt power grinder…. that was funny!  But I fear, could be ‘close’ to some situations…

My feet are in pretty good shape considering they do show that I inherited a large number of features from my Moms side of the family.

Betty describes my feet as resembling ‘Platypus  Feet’

Maybe someday she will do a ‘guest appearance’ and blog what she means to say….

Nevertheless, and, whatever, I can quite comfortably trim my own toe nails and take as much time as I wish, and not have to gasp for breath, or lament the fact that I cannot reach the ‘work area’ for the obstruction of the excess weight stored at the tummy area.

Actually this morning, after I had jogged just over three miles on the treadmill, and then showered, I was able to comfortably put my foot on the counter top in the Restroom, and trim the toe nails….(one foot at a time, of course)

That is so much better than the times at my highest weight when I could barely reach my feet, let alone, trim my nails!


I have had a pedicure once in my Life.  Betty insisted since we were going to be in Hawaii and she didn’t want my toes to look bad while on the beach.  The Pedicurist gave me a good ‘HOW TO’ lesson for the care of my feet.  I learned a lot that day.

I actually enjoyed it all, but have not had another since ….( oh bother! that was almost 20 years ago!)

Being able to tie my own shoes, with out discomfort, is a great freedom!

Just like not counting calories, not measuring proteins, and not fearing carbs…

(Isn’t it strange the ‘things’ that make one happy!? )

110 and Beyond !!

I just decided that ‘110 and Beyond !!’ can be a new ‘theme’ for

Yep, 110 years old and beyond.

That 110th Birthday Party is a goal I am striving to accomplish, arrive at, and fulfill as a ‘spring board’ into the next part of ‘MY LIFE’.

I do not intend to watch myself fall off and dwindle away to the stereotypical old man who is not only loosing his physical abilities, but also his mental capacities. (Well, anymore than what has already occurred, and is not able to be repaired…)

I have watched too many beautiful people in my family and circle of friends do just that, and in many ways, before ‘their time’.

Unfortunately, I am watching a large number of them ‘condition’ themselves for the dwindling way even now.

This photo ‘shows’ Jeff Novick speaking about (Full Length) Calorie Density: How To Eat More, Weigh Less and Live Longer

He begins the explanation of SQUARING THE CURVE at 54:55 minutes into the video.

He offers the possibility of not living the typical decline, or downward curve into dying for a long time, but living strong and SURE till one dies.

Then he presents the possibility of even extending the ‘square’ for yet more years.

To me, THAT is exciting… and quite the opposite of dying for a long time.

If you have not seen the movie Eating You Alive…it will help you understand all of this much better.

I do not plan to die longer.  I plan to LIVE LONGER while living till I die.

I am on a ‘new kick’ these days.

Working out, jogging, lifting weights … (Barbells and those PowerBlocks my son Joshua bought me)

… even old fashion push ups and the such.

(I have even taken some time looking at the areas around the ceiling fan where I might install a bar so I can do Chin Ups!  My daughter gave me a Birthday Present of the rubber like straps with handles on them, and there is a manner to use them doing Chin Ups that is awesome!  NOW IF I CAN FIND a way to do Sit Ups with that assistance WOW! )

[Did I mention I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT do a Sit Up?]

{ So, I do Leg Lifts … … }

You just do what you can do and go on from there…. right?

I have now jogged at a new speed of 2.8 mph for 45 minutes while I warmed up, and cooled off jogging at 2.6 mph.  And just to be clear, I stretched and then went through a quick warm up routine of push ups, legs lifts, lifting some weights and a few squats…. you know, getting warmed up for the 61 minutes of treadmill jogging.

Yesterday I spent several hours rearranging the room where I have the treadmill, and weights.

I now can look forward and watch the almost 400 pictures on a slide presentation, see myself in a mirror (from the chest up), and listen to music through a system that can play loud enough to disturb drywall taping and pictures hung in the next room.  And , no, I do not play it that loud…

I had found myself looking at pictures hung on the wall and ‘forgot’ about wanting to call the jog off before the ‘goal’ was achieved, so I came up with the idea of the slide show and now have about 400 pictures that ‘motivate’ or distract my attention from ‘quitting’.

These photos above are just a few of the appx. 400 that the slide show presents for my distraction.  Each picture carries a story with it, and some of them carry volumes.  I will need to live to 110 years of age, and beyond to tell the story of each slide.

That is just one of many reasons I need to live well beyond the normal ‘time of man’.

Another reason is a post on Facebook this morning by a Family Member, Adam Behnke, who married my niece April … or July…. which ever !

The following is the article he posted.

Physicists Created a New Form of Light

It excited me because it refers to Light Sabers and Star Wars … the possibility that these are a possibility in a near future.

I posted Adams story on my page, and the following is what I had to say about it all…

“…I just had my 63rd Birthday one week ago today. I have been going on and on about planning my Birthday in the year 2065, when I will be 110 years old. (You all are invited by the way !) Imagine what advances there will be in that day. I can remember the Saturday when Mom and Dad brought the first TV to our house, when the first telephone was installed in the hall way, the first ‘swamp cooler’ was installed in the front window of the house … … … I must ‘be here’ in 2065, and be able to understand the advances that will be ‘common place’ at that time. HEY!! today, I hate to shop in a retail store that does not offer WI-FI … mercy! OH! and that 110th Birthday Party will be the spring board into the next part of my life… we will see what goes from there! 110 and Beyond !! …”

With that, came the new, ‘theme’ or what ever I need to call this phrase….

But again I return to the ‘bottom line’.

Not long ago, I had an ‘Heart Attack’, and four days later I had a Triple By Pass.

I guess at either of those two moments, or any other random moment, I could have died.

But I didn’t, and so far, I haven’t died.

But I do believe the Heart Attack and Triple By Pass have set in motion something new in my life, and perhaps put to rest another.

I think a new outlook on life has been forcefully positioned in the forefront of my thoughts and now plans.

No longer can I simply wait and watch as my life and my ability to appreciate and enjoy that life slips away, and I even forget what was, and what could have been.

The something that has been set in motion is a passion to do what I can to repair what damage I have done to the ‘physical Ray’, provide the best in ‘fuel’ to run on, and prepare for these next ’50’ years as I practice the leap off the spring board of that 110th Birthday Party in 2065.

I really would like to travel to Mars, and of course, have my trusty Light Saber on my belt, right next to my Smart Phone.

They damned sure better have WI-FI when I get there.


Something much better ….

And they better have Whole Foods, Plants, Beans and all the other WFPB Nutritional Eats and Drinks when I get there !

…’cause I don’t plan to be counting calories, measuring proteins, NOR FEARING CARBS then any more than I do now.

( … old man my ass… )

110 and Beyond !! … that is what I’m talking about.




You are not going to believe this recipe !

Amazing Vegan Cheese Sauce from Brand New Vegan

Folks, it has potatoes, and carrots and seasonings.

There is nothing ‘unhealthy’ in the mix.

I think I could eat the bowl with a spoon.

A big spoon.

AND the entire time, you can go at it with no guilt, never counting calories, never measuring proteins, NEVER FEARING CARBS !

THANK YOU Chuck Underwood

Folks, book mark

A wonderful resource for Whole Food Plant Based life style!

2 new achievements! Feb. 12, 2018

#1.  ‘Steps’ taken in one day


My previous record setting number of ‘steps’ in one day was just over 15,000 in a day.


And for the 2nd ‘New’ record achievement …

This evening I was on the treadmill at a ‘jog’ for 61 minutes, at the speed of 2.6 mph and the ‘new record’ is that it is the 2nd jog in a row to go that amount of time, and at that speed.

For me, that is a ‘big deal’.

It is just not that long ago working out was the last thing to ever cross my mind.

And now, setting records!!

HOWEVER, I do need to remember to be mindful I could trip over a crack in the sidewalk…. so, you know ….. be mindful and fall ‘well’ should the need arises.

But until ‘then’…

… ‘this’ is how I feel …

OH! and as always, not counting, not measuring, and not fearing.


Here is the recipe for the ‘cheese’


(I will be trying another recipe that will use potatoes and carrots, and no cashews …. I will report when that occurs….)

But this I made today was wonderful, and easy.

For the ‘chips’, I cut Corn Tortillas into strips, and baked them for 18 minutes at 350.  Keep an eye on these, they go from ‘just right’ to ‘burnt’ in a ‘blink of an eye’.

When they were out of the oven, I sprayed pickle juice on them and then added Garlic Powder for seasoning.  You can use Low Sodium Soy or, whatever to wet the surface so the seasonings ‘stick’.

(That is what I do to flavor my potato wedges now.  Burnt Seasonings do not taste good to me…)

The ‘veggie patties’ are actually refrigerator clean out…

Left over beans, Steamed Greens/Carrots, Steamed Sweet Potatoes, Old Fashioned Oats (uncooked), Garlic, Spinach (raw), left over Whole Wheat Spaghetti,  Cauliflower Taco Stuff, Low Sodium Soy Sauce, Spices galore!  were all put into the food processor and mixed in a casserole plate thing ….

From here, I hand made patties for baking.

I always use Parchment Paper to line the pans.

I baked at 350 for 45 minutes, then let them cool a bit, then I turned them over and sprinkled Garlic Powder on the side I turned up.

After they cooled, I put in containers for the frig, and I placed a paper towel between each patty.

But I diced a couple of the patties and placed in a skillet on the stove top, and browned them for the topping to the Nachos!

I added fresh Spinach, Onions, Tomatoes,  and fresh chopped Garlic to mine…

as well as the ‘sauce’…

The last thing I did was what I always do with every plate of food I eat… I did not count calories, I did not measure protein, and I never fear carbs…

I sure do love eating!

Today, I am 63 years and one day old.  Over the last three years I have lost 79 pounds and never really tried.  I just wanted to eat healthy.  I never went hungry any longer than it took to grab a fruit, vegetable, potato, or bowl of beans. (some were raw, and some were cooked)  When I felt hungry, I ate till I was full… but I ate something WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED.  No junk food, and as little processed ‘food’ as possible. No meat, no animal products, no eggs, no dairy.  I do not use any cooking oils of any kind, no olive, no coconut oil, nor Quaker State (except in my car) but not in this body!  Today I jogged on a treadmill non-stop for 61 minutes at 2.6 mph.  I plan to almost triple that speed in the next year.  I want to also invite you to my Birthday Party in 2065.  More details about that event as time draws nearer.  ‘Like’ and ‘follow’ me here at to get the latest information about the location of the Party, what presents I might like, and whether the ‘clothing optional’ issue has been resolved so you know what to wear … or not …

More later…

omsb ….

p.s.  There will be music played at the Party.  I can promise my ‘Workout Play List’ will be a major part of the songs you will hear, and have the opportunity to dance to …



Jogged 62 Minutes @ 2.6 mph Feb 10, 2018

Ok I actually jogged, non-stop for 61 minutes non-stop at the speed of 2.6 mph.

As last report, the first 60 seconds was getting the speed where I wanted it and the ‘ripchord’ placed properly…

This is a two in a row record setting time on the treadmill.

This is a eight minute increase in time, and a increase in the ‘speed’ from 2.5, to 2.6.

Yesterday I did not jog, but I did try to jump rope for a while and then lifted some weights and did some push ups… Leg Lifts etc.

I remember from High School Football Training you do not do weights every day, just as you would not do jogging everyday.

(Wait! THAT WAS 45 YEARS AGO !!! Is that still true today??)

Well, till I hear different, that is the pattern I am aiming for …

I find it interesting that my ‘breathing’ is so calm and deep through out the weight lifting as well as the jogging.

I enjoy taking DEEEEEEP Breaths and not exploding into spastic spasms of coughing and hacking up green lung butter like I did for decades, from decades of smoking cancer sticks and killing myself on the Standard American Death Diet… plus being so out of shape.

Ok, I need to do some Math here….

Siri says 10 K = 6.21 miles

So. If I am jogging at 2.6 mph … that is 0.0433 ‘miles’ in a minute…

6.21 miles divided by 2.6 mph = 2 hours and 39 minutes to travel that distance.

So, to do a 10 K in 60 minutes, I need to be jogging 0.1035 miles per minute x 60 = 6.21 miles. or. 10K.

So I have to double, plus a little more, my speed to get to 6,21 mph.


Ok.  I guess I need to wrap my mind around that…


I know I need to see about shoes…. and another thing or two ….

At least I do not have to worry about counting calories, measuring protein, nor Fearing Carbs…

Mercy…. this is going to be interesting at my 64th Birthday ….



What ‘kind?’ of music is SEETHER?

Today’s Work Out Play List that ‘got me going was FINE AGAIN  by Seether.

Click on link and see if it plays….

Why is that on my play list?

The beat, rhythm… and drive of the song.  And the fact that my dear friend LeRoi had it on a play list he gave to me several years ago.

I was considering playing drums with his Band and wanted to learn his songs.

I hung on to his play list, and learned to love some of the songs.

The day before my Triple By Pass I tried to do my best to focus on something beside the surgery, so I listened to LeRoi’s Play List.

I posted this picture in a Facebook Album about the surgery and the days after.

I wrote this about the picture and the event depicted …

“… At the end of the day before the surgery, my music of choice was the Set List my bud LeRoi Maseygave me few years ago … Pearl Jam , Judas Priest, Stone Temple Pilot, Breaking Benjamin, Toadies, Everclear, Theory of a Deadman, Alien Ant Farm, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Collective Soul, Eagle Eye Cherry… Others. I have gone through it twice today. Although at this time I am going for some Bad Company. Oh yea...”

Man, I wonder if I was still under anesthesia? while I wrote that?

Here are a few pictures of LeRoi and the guys playing some of those songs.

LeRoi is my Buddy.

He hardly left my side while I was in for the By Pass.

I am waiting for LeRoi to send me a picture of him on his Tricycle…

He and the family are starting the McDougall Starch Program this month.

I told him I need a good ‘before’ picture.

I want to play drums for LeRoi some day.

Maybe in 2065 for my Birthday Party.

LeRoi is a ‘hell of a singer’.

He is a ‘Hell of a Friend’ too

Love you LeRoi.

Ride that Tricycle Brother! and remember, don’t count calories, don’t measure protein, and don’t be afraid of Carbs.


Woodstock, and there is a Dog in my chair…

I had one of those stories I had to write down wake me up at 3:50 am this morning and when I arrived at the ‘desk’, I literally had to pick Elton LT and move him off my spot so I could sit down.  He and ‘Mom’ had been on the couch since just after midnight, and had shared all the room they could take, leaving little for me…

I guess that symbolizes the fact that my Birthday was yesterday, thus being ‘special’ is yesterdays news…

And now, the playlist song that has motivated me.

Woodstock, by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

It is possible at this point that most people would scratch  their head and wonder, “… you have this as a Workout Motivation song??…”

I will try to explain why…

When I was growing up, my Dad played Lead Guitar in a band called The Country Boys.  Dad was not interested in Rock n Roll.

One night after he had placed an old radio in our room and I had found KSEL on the AM dial.

KSEK played Top 40 POP Hits, and my Big Brother and I were getting ‘jiggie’ with it as Dad passed by…

The look on his face removed our ‘jiggie’ right out of our souls.

He then explained he didn’t ‘care’ if we listened to THAT kind of music, however, we were to never listen to it in public, and we were certainly to never ‘dance’ like that in public, nor in the bedroom next to the old radio.

Dad also told us sometime later, that he didn’t care if his boys drank beer, and smoked cigarettes.  Just do not let him see you do either.

That stuck with me for the entire time Dad was alive, which was until October 1982.  He was a young 53 years old when he died of colon cancer… a Chronic American Death Diet Choice.

To that day, he never saw me smoke a cigarette, nor take a drink of beer.

But Rock and Roll … well …

When I was becoming a bit more comfortable on the drums,playing with The Country Boys Band, we were playing a good number of Dances between the Elks Lodge, Pollard Friendly Ford Christmas/New Years Eve Parties, and others.

Johnny Be Good, Don’t Worry About Me, and a few other tunes were really ‘cranked up’ by the Band, and the Ladies really seemed to enjoy … getting ‘jiggie’ with it, and Raymond the Bass Player and I enjoyed watching that…

Sometimes we would do something like Johnny Be Good three or four times throughout the dance, by request.  (Of course, all request were made with an offering in the tip jar, or ‘kittie’ as many called it …)

So, I guess I had a mixed relationship with Rock and Roll.

On the one hand it was ‘taboo’, and then it was requested and repeated at a Dance… with Dad at Lead Guitar.

Why little things like that are still with me these years later I may never know.

During High School, there was the unusual occurrence of the Student Lounge at Frenship High.  I was lucky to have the Progressive Administrators give the ‘good’ students the earned privilege of having a class period a day, to go to the Student Lounge, play pool, ping pong, pin ball, and later the early video games as reward for being obedient and good students.  (It is also possible that having the Daughter and Son of the High School Principle there at that time too….?)  There was a juke box too, and someone found the volume control.

I can promise you there were NO COUNTRY & WESTERN songs played.

The Vietnam War, Protest/Riots, Hippies, Civil Rights, and the such were big News items at the time.  I took the side of old school conservative ‘grits’, shit kicker, ‘MERICA good ol’ boys… which you could tell because my hair was cut like everyone’s Dad and GrandPaw, and the hippies all had long hair and didn’t wear cowboy boots like us ‘good guys’.

There was a huge movement going on, rejecting the ‘status quo’, tradition, and I stood on the sidelines.  At least outwardly.

I couldn’t disappoint Dad, ya know?

Lets skip from the late 60’s and go to 1994.

There was this young lady who was in her early 20’s who loaned me a MUSIC CD of ‘Bostons Greatest Hits’

I put that CD on Cassette Tape, and wore it out.

Although the earliest song on that CD was released in 1976, it represented an entire generation of the music I grew up with, but ignored in the 60’s and 70’s.

There are volumes that need to be written about that time, the music, and mankind.

After twenty years of not having a set of drums, I bought a set of electronic Yamaha drums, and decided I would play the music of Bostons Greatest Hits.

Thank God I could turn the drums, and the music through the headphones, and everyone else in the house could not hear the music, nor the drumming.

I discovered that a large part of the music of Boston carries a positive note, and lyric.

Not like the protest music of much of the 60’s.  But not all of the music of the 60’s was protest, there was the music of hope, and peace.

It just seems those ‘caught in the devils bargain’ did not agree with an anti-establishment rejection of the massive death bombers pouring destruction by the tons, this funding industries that needed a ‘war’ and ‘cannon fodder’ to fulfill a purpose, and make money…even IF the anti-establishment hippies were chanting ‘peace’ and ‘love’.

My ‘return’ to the music of my youth is made even more eventful by the fact that I ‘left’ all music behind for almost 20 years (except a very narrow selection of ‘Church’ Music)

I felt like a hippie protesting the WAR MACHINE and Gooberment. (No, I did not misspell that last word.. it symbolizes my current opinion of ALL the Government which ‘we’ are under… a bunch of goobers…)

I guess I might disappoint my Dad if he were here today to hear these confessions.

Oh well.

I actually thought this song was titled ‘Stardust’.  I guess it has always been ‘Woodstock’ …

“…We are stardust, we are golden
We are billion year old carbon
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden…”

The ‘story teller’ speaks in the first verse of coming upon a ‘child of God’, and then asks the question , ‘where are you going?’ and the story unfolds.

Joni Mitchell wrote this song after Woodstock was over, and she never made it to the event.  But it was said that she wrote these lyrics with a better perspective than those who were there in person.  Probably because she was not stoned on drugs ….

When Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young did their version they did change a few of the lyrics around, and certainly presented it with a different feeling than Joni.

Watch a video of the song with Joni singing and then one with CSN&Y.

Both are wonderful.

It is just that the version by CSN&Y is better suited for my workout playlist.

The storyteller says…..

“…Then can I walk beside you (speaking to the child of God)
I have come here to lose the smog
And I feel to be a cog in something turning
Well maybe it is just the time of year
Or maybe it’s the time of man
I don’t know who I am
But you know life is for learning…

We are stardust
We are golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden…”

The acclaimed ‘half a million strong’ made the Festival one of the largest ‘cities’ in the State even if for just a few hours.

With all, that Woodstock was in truth, and in the yarns spun since, there will certainly never be another.  Attempts have been made, but you just can’t reproduce some things, and some times.

The ‘time of man’ that is exemplified by the music of the 60’s was and is a once in history manifestation of something special.

I was a part of that time, even if I wore the ‘shit-kicker’ Cowboy Boots that never saw a barnyard, no, not even a pig pen.

I am a old hippie.

I wish I could have been at Woodstock.

I retrospect I protest “… the bomber death planes Riding shotgun in the sky…”.

I want to get back to the ‘Garden’.

While I may be ‘Stardust’, and truly, ‘billion year old carbon’ …

I refuse to conform, and be obedient to the Masters and Machines that seem the feel ‘they’ know what I need, what I want, and what I NEED.

I lift a 63 year old finger to salute ‘you’ and ‘your Progressive Self Righteousness’ …

‘That’ is what the song Woodstock means to me.

It also means this… Do not tell me to count calories, Do not tell me to measure protein, and do not tell me to FEAR CARBS.

Every time ‘you’ or ‘they’ do, I give that 63 year old hand replying as shown above…

Don’t tell me ….


Jogging 10 K in ONE HOUR? WOW!

Ok, so yesterday I was so proud to jog 54 minutes, non-stop, on the treadmill, at a speed of 2.5 mph.  The means I jogged 2.25 miles in that time.

Today I open a Birthday present from my daughter, which includes a cable jump rope.

I want to jump rope so bad.

Most of the attempts to ‘jump rope’ resulted in one or two hops, then it became stuck on something…. so I started over.

One time I made it to 18 ‘jumps’ and then the rope became hung up on something…. like my foot …. I never knew jumping rope was so difficult.

Then one of my ‘heroes’ sends a note of encouragement concerning my jogging.

In that, she mentioned she had to build up to jogging for one hour, then from there, she went with the goal of jogging 10K, in one hour.

Ok, I went to Frenship High School where I majored in Girls, Football, and being the funniest guy on campus who ate Sunflower Seeds all day, even in Math Class, and never ‘got caught’…

…but quickly the math show me at the current speed of jogging, of which I am so proud of, I am looking at FOUR HOURS to make 10K.

Or, to make 10 K in one hour, I need to increase my speed to FOUR TIME FASTER than my current record.


Another ‘hero’ I spoke with tells me he wears regular Nike Running Shoes.  This is a really smart fellow who is closer to 80 years old, than I am closer to 70 years old.

Do they still make PF FLYERS?

Those were the good super hero shoes back in the early 60s…

Hopefully these will help with my current situation …

All I have to do is get the ‘correct shoes’ ? Right?

PS…. well I have a problem…

It is now 9:22pm on my 63 Birthday and it is maybe 82 minutes past my usual ‘bedtime’…. but it has occurred to me that 10 K is not 10 miles.

( Dang, I lived in South America where everything was Kilometers, and not MILES…. !!)

I asked Siri and 10 K is only 6.21 miles, so I have to increase my speed by around 3 times….

(I hate math …. it just never added up for me….)

Ok, that is better than an increase of four times….

I’m going to bed

Later y’all…