This picture is the screen shot from my phone where I spent time walking/jogging almost two miles this morning… listening to this BOOK!


What do you think of when I say ‘PROTEIN’?

Most think of meat, or ‘protein drinks’.

What do you think of when I say ‘Calcium’?

Most think of Dairy.

What do you think of when I say Carbohydrates/Starchy Foods?

MOST probably think ‘EVIL’!  !! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!

What do you think of when I say ‘Vitamin C’?

MOST think of Orange Juice.

What do you think of when I say ‘Potassium’?

MOST think of Bananas.

… … …

Do not read this book. Do not read or watch any video by Dr. John McDougall.

It claims our Government, USDA, Advertising Industry, Mass Media, Big Business Lobbyist, Medical Mafia (my words) are not just lying to you and me, our Children and Grand Children and ‘all the ships at sea’… but this book says they are telling us “… DAMNED LIES…”.

So, if you are happy with what you are being ‘fed’ by these entities, and are comfortable with their message, THEN DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!

This book says that we are being ‘fed’ DAMNED LIES.

Well, I am reading these book.

And I will read it many times more.


AND I AM PISSED about it.

(there is that preposition at the end of the sentence again ….. gerrrrr)

I am, very surprised that Dr John McDougall used that expression in the print, audio…. that came from ‘his hand’….

But think about it folks…

Here is a man who has seen the Medical/Nutritional world from the ‘inside’ for decades, and to say he is ‘angry’ could be more than appropriate.

I am angry.

Over a 7 inch scar, and three ‘hole’ scars at the 10 inch mark.

THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED with the proper diet…..

But then, we are back to THOSE DAMNED LIES !

So, don’t read the book y’all.

The ‘truth’ just upsets so many things, and so many people, and so much making of money off the sheep….

… nothing to see here, just move along…. just keep moving … Football is back on TV Thursday?Saturday/Sunday/Monday and Sports Talk is 24/7 …

Be a Good Sheep… don’t read that book.

Go buy the ‘food’? full of Chronic Disease, and get it off the Dollar Menu Subsidized by your tax dollars.

As the expression goes, “… go kill yourself…”

(While I set here completing this Blog entry, NOT COUNTING CALORIES< NOT MEASURING PROTEINS, NEVER FEARING CARBS, I am boiling inside at the lies and DAMNED LIES.  a story or legend comes to my mind, and somewhat demonstrates how I feel about these liars, these damned liars…

with all crudeness I include this legend as ‘my gesture’ to the damned liars…

{Aunt Helen, you might not want to read past this part….}

I copy and paste….

It came from an English battle between the French over a Cliffside town. English and archers, the French saw the need to take out the archers middle finger so they could not train another generation of archers. The English subsequently won the war, and walked around the town with their middle finger still intact. They would show the Frenchman their middle finger and proclaim I can still flip the bird, a reference to an arrow. String on the bow, known as a yew, is also how we have flipping the bird and plucking the yew coming together as flipping the bird meaning fuck you


and another….

“SOCRATES: Well, to begin with,
they’ll make you elegant in company—
and you’ll recognize the different rhythms,
the enoplian and the dactylic,
which is like a digit.

STREPSIADES: Like a digit!
By god, that’s something I do know!

SOCRATES: Then tell me.

STREPSIADES: When I was a lad a digit meant this!

[Strepsiades sticks his middle finger straight up under Socrates’ nose]

SOCRATES: You’re just a crude buffoon!”

Well, there ya go. (OMSAB)



Start HERE. (I never went hungry losing 78+ lbs.)

Folks, you need to understand some things to be successful.

This video is of a presentation at a Dr. John A McDougall event.

There is no better place to start, and stay, than McDougall.

Sign up for his news letter, watch his youtube presentations.  You will see a young man turn old after all the years, but NOTICE ONE THING…

His MESSAGE never changes.

Here is the book you would do well to have, read, and re read.

Hardback, Paperback, Audio Cassette, MP3 …  just get it.

Follow his groups on Facebook.

Now, for a 2nd Book.

After you read the introduction you will understand why I respect his work.

I have read/listened to this book more than 10 times.

Get it.

Now I want you to see both of these men.

The following video is Dr. Greger speaking at a Dr. McDougall event.

Click the link to see the video…

Link to Video Dr Michael Greger

As with Dr McDougall, the same with Dr Greger.

Sign up for his newsletter, video updates, and for SURE !

Click the link below…

Sign up for video updates and free access to 1000s of subjects of interest!

When you get through with these and want more, just send a Message or Email to

I love to talk about this subject.

I lost 78+ pounds with out exercise/workouts.

I went Whole Food Plant Based NO SALT, NO OIL, NO SUGAR!




I ate, and ate, and ate, and ate and ate, and ate, and ate….. I loved my food and never went hungry.


Why are you punishing your self going hungry, counting calories, going hungry, Measuring Protein, going hungry, fearing carbs?

You don’t know?

Neither do I …


Air Roasted GOOD STUFF!

Laying in the bed this morning, I had an idea strike!

Bake a potato, squash it in half, throw some diced veggies on top, spray with some Low Sodium Soy Sauce, roast the raw veggies on top of the potatoes in the Hot Air Cooker.

Off I go!

So I diced raw/fresh Brussel Sprout, Mushroom, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Onion…

… then I placed the veggies on the potato, and sprayed on the Low Sodium Soy Sauce.

Then into the Air Cooker they go at 340 degrees for 5 minutes.

The results were unbelievable.

So the presentation of the plate, with Ezekiel Bread (Low Sodium), and Red Grapes.

OH! and in the back ground my Tea Cups from my Grand Daughters.

They two, are delightful.

Not counting Calories, Not Measuring Protein, Never Fearing Carbs.

Oh, it was so good for Breakfast, I had twice that amount for LUNCH!

And this last bowl on a bed of rice!



I topped it all with this DIP from


Butter and Green Beans

I can travel back in my memories to a little two bedroom house in Ropesville Texas where my Grandparents lived, and died.

Roxie and Arzie Martin.  (See that ‘look’ in his eyes?  THAT is my Grandpa!)

I have nothing but wonderful memories of those two delightful people, and that house.

There are stories about all 6 of the kids, and the poverty they lived through.

Note the ‘new’ coats my Aunts received for Christmas… Santa is a smart dude, huh?

There is the story told about an Uncle from California who came all the way to the High Plains of Hockley County for Christmas.  According to my Dad (the first born of those 6) the gift they all received that year was a 6 foot stick of Bologna.  Something special for the Family to share with the visitors.

After all, you go ‘all out’ when a special guest shows up.

My Grandma Roxie worked magic in the kitchen.  No one could match her craft with the simple plates she presented.

She was the only Grandparent to ever have given me a ‘Spanking’.  The crime I committed was engineered by Grandpa Arzie.  He was the one that set me on the table and showed me how to lick my finger, stick it in the sugar bowl, lick it off, and then commit the Grand Offense of the ‘double dip’.

For that, I was whisked off the table top and given a ‘spanking’ by Grandma while Grandpa and I relished at our boyish achievement… another one for the ‘guys’!

Grandpa would also stop and play ‘trucks’ in the dirt with us.

They were the Greatest Possible Sources of Cherished Memories.  I am so thankful to have them.

(Reminder to myself, write a book about The Grandparents…[another Blog, another day])

Ok, Butter and Green Beans.

One of the key instruments in the ‘Kitchen of Roxie’, was Butter.

If her Cast Iron Cookware was seasoned well, it was constant uses of Bacon and Butter.  But I am going to focus on just the Butter today.  Mainly because a few days ago, I dumped a bowl of left over Green Beans in the compost pile, and noticed the chunks of Butter sticking to everything it touched…

(I wish I had not polluted the compost pile now … )

You know, you do not have to pour used Butter down the sink to plug your plumbing.  But you are washing it down the sink when you clean the pan used for cooking…the plate on which it was served, and the utensils used to put it in your mouth.

Now let us consider the mouth in which you just put the butter cooked/coated Green Beans.

Not only do we have the issue of the Fat in the Butter being brought to a cooking temperature therefore changing its structures and becoming carcinogenic… the fat itself will coat the teeth, tongue… everything… and it will continue to ‘coat’ everything once it is swallowed.

After a lifetime of ingesting said fats from Butter, the ‘coating’ will continue to be stretched, and stacked further and further down the digestive system and end up plugging the flow of blood to the brain, the heart, the kidneys, and the genitals (for the guys that is called ED).

Through detailed processes, hardening of the arteries occur and Heart Attack and Stroke become a ‘to be expected’ event we all would rather ignore, thus making ‘go away’.

(ok. that ignoring thing is a ‘guy’ issue right?  Girls don’t do that, do they?)

The ‘plugged plumbing’ is NOT going to ‘go away’… no mater how much it is ignored…

I just read a story of a friends trials and tribulations experienced yesterday…. a ‘stopped up’ kitchen sink, then the bathroom, and the other bathroom.  And the waiting all day into the evening to get a plumber to resolve the issue.

The friend had just moved into this house a few weeks ago.

As the friend was paying the bill for over $300, the plumber explained the blockage was a big grease ball.  It had blocked all the plumbing in the house.

The question was then presented “… who would pour enough grease down the kitchen sink to cause that kind of a blockage ?!!?”

Consider this…

What if pots and pans full of used grease had NEVER been poured down the sink… perhaps they were disposed of ‘properly’ in a container,  which was then placed in the appropriate means of disposal?

What IF, only the cleaning of the pans and utensils were the culprits of the despositing of grease and oil down the sink that eventually caused enough buildup to plug the pipes and put money in the pocket of the plumber?

That grease and oil had to go somewhere.

{{Oh, and it could have been Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.  Oil is oil is oil is oil.  Doesn’t mater how much it cost, nor how many trace minerals it has.  It is still OIL.

Besides all that, it is a very processed product.  If you want to eat a whole Olive or Coconut, then those are whole foods.  Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are not really foods.}}

Think back to the last time you ate something cooked in oil… or a Salad covered with a Oil Based Dressing…. or even a snack cracker…

Take the napkins and wipe the Oil off your lips or fingers …don’t drop it on your shirt, and do not let a crumb fall into your shirt pocket only to find the big grease stain the next day.

Now, picture this…

…how long before the arteries are lined with this residual layer of toxic life ending coating in your arteries … OIL ?

Are you a gambler?

Do you want to gamble that the ‘plumber’ can get the ‘big grease ball’ removed before it is too late for you?

What is in your plumbing?

Those wonderful Green Beans Grandma made for those Holiday Meals had butter and Bacon grease in them.  I remember wiping the oil from my lips after eating them.  I remember washing the bowl and removing the greasy film …

… it coated everything it touched.

No need to count Calories, No need to measure Protein, No need to ever fear Carbs…

( Oh, I do not feel a blame due my Grandparents, nor my parents.  They were doing what was acceptable and even advised practice in those days.

But today, we know better.

‘WE’ just do not seem to learn from the past, nor appreciate the discoveries of science….

…. especially if it exposes the weaknesses or deadliness of Family Tradition, or National Patriotism … )


My ‘OCD’ really shows since I went WFPB

It just occurred to me, I need to post a glossary of acronyms  WFPB, WOE, SOS …

ac·ro·nym noun plural noun: acronyms

an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word (e.g., ASCIINASA ). )
Anyway, that will be another Blog, another day… …
I cannot throw stuff away, especially food, or by products like the water that remains in the IP ( Instant Pot ) after I steam carrots for Elton LT (Chief Editor in Charge of Blog Publications )
I see the orange color of the water at the bottom of the pot and think I NEED THAT, the kitchen sink does NOT!
I have taken the left over ‘liquor’, and placed it in a container, and used it to soak rice or beans before cooking, and also have used it in place of artery clogging oil to saute veggies.
(YES! you can do that, and it works wonderful!)
But I am lazy.  I am also usually very hungry as meal time approaches, and am interested in getting to the ‘eattin’ ASAP !
So I am attempting to steam my veggies with just the right amount of water added to the IP, so that the steaming can perform that service effectively, cook the vegetables just right and NOT steam away any nutrients at all.
But any color in the remaining water, and I am wasting Nutrients.
So, I have just started pouring that water into my bowl of steamed veggies and steamed beans and rice.
(This is ready for a quick steam!)
( As soon as the IP goes under pressure, I have it set to turn off the heating unit, and begin to cool.  BUT for my veggies I am about to eat, I ‘trip’ the release, and let the steam and pressure out)
Them I take the food out and place in my favorite green bowl and pour the remaining water on top, then add all my spices, powders, and fresh ground items like Flax Seed and Hibiscus Tea.
Typically for an evening meal that includes Turmeric Powder, Black Pepper, Cumin Powder, Garlic Powder, Ginger Powder, Fresh GROUND Flax Seed, Hibiscus Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea … and Cayenne Peppers(home grown)…
Ok, as that all mixes together, there is now a soup making in the bowl.
ALL THIS I do to ingest these vegetables, beans, grains, seeds, spices to insure NUTRITION provided for the body.
I want to eat as much as possible, of that stored SUNLIGHT stored in the plants, so that the POWER of the SUN and all the COLORS of the Rainbow are offered to my body for normal functioning, cleaning out crap, and healing of damage I have done during the first 60 years of the SAD (Standard American Diet).
Yes, I am eating the SUN and the Rainbow.  Literally.
It has something to do with Thermal Dynamics, Quantum Physics, and Warp Drives …. or something like that….
Folks, you are never going to get this on your plate, and in your body eating toxic processed crap with chemicals sprayed on it while called ‘fortified’ and ‘enriched’.  THAT STUFF is neither food, nor nutritious.
Yep, I went ‘there’ via starting this blog posting about my OCD behavior of hoarding, thrift store mentality, or what ever it is called.
Here is the good part…..
That soup at the bottom of the bowl?
It really tastes good.
It has become my current favorite meal.
I am typing this at 6:34 am Saturday Morning and I am craving a bowl of that mixture.
I love WFPB.
I LOVE knowing I am eating the POWER of the SUN! and the colors of the Rainbow!
NEVER counting calories, NEVER Measuring Protein, NEVER FEARING CARBS!
( just don’t call me ‘Sonny’ )

Terrible SIDE EFFECTS of Blue Berries…

Yes, there is a terrible side effect of Blueberries.

This was a white, wash cloth.

It will never be the same after encountering Blue Berry Juice from a 3 pound package of thawing Blue Berries.

It seems there was a leak.

That ‘stain’ was meant to be for my insides.

I love the juice from these frozen Blue Berries SOOO MUCH, I take the empty bag, and rinse it with Almond milk at least three times.

I don’t want to miss any of the power of Blue Berries, nor the juice of Blue Berries.

Plus, as I showed in a previous post, this juice makes the prettiest Blue Old Fashioned Oats after soaking for a while.

( Check out … do a search on ‘berries’ and ‘antioxidants’ … you will be amazed at the power of fruits and vegetables!)

I have become a big fan of Frozen Blue Berries.  They are usually available year round, keep their integrity after freezing, and lose no nutritional value from freezing.

And as they stain everything the touch, so do they stain the free radicals right out of commission in our bodies.

I mix them with soaked Old Fashion Oats, with beans and rice, and everything I can think of.

I think I am going to try a home made Blue Berry Pizza.

Also, I am not into smoothies.

I like to chew my fruit.

Didn’t I hear another angel gets their wings each time we eat Whole Blue Berries without blending them ?

I think I did … …

Count No Calories, Measure No Protein, Fear No Carbs!!

(… but watch out for that juice!)

No Salt Oil Sugar! NO !!

Just to be clear, when I am preparing my food, this is the amount of Salt, Oils, and Sugar I will add to my food.


I will add an abundance of spices.

But I will add NO Salt, No Oil, No Sugar.


I do not use oils to saute vegetables.

I use water or the juice from a can of beans, or bean liquor, or the left over water in the IP after I steam veggies…

BUT it has been over two years that I have not used even a spray of olive oil to saute anything.

If you shouldn’t pour grease down the sink, why in the world would you pour it down your stomach?  It will block YOUR PIPES!

Anyway, No Salt, No Oil, No Sugar added to anything I prepare.

Counting NO calories, Measuring NO Protein, FEARING NO CARBS!

(if a recipe calls for two cloves of garlic, I use 10 or 12)

It is really simple…FOOD that is…

The more you eat, the more you lose.

I follow a select few ‘voices’ in the Nutrition/Diet/Health Industry…

Jeff Novick is one of those voices.

Anything I find from him on the net, youtube, in print … I trust.

Along with that, I like his style of presentation and personality.

… and I his value his humor.

I have posted references to his work in many places and many times.

And today will not be the last.

This presentation is priceless.

It shows the simple truth of how you can eat a ton of very nutritional food, and lose weight while being very healthy, and NEVER BEING hungry like all the fad diets … ( uck, that is no fun).


There is also the part where he explains SQUARING THE CURVE.

I intend to square the curve.  I do not intend to gently begin to decline in the ability to ‘live’, and then finally decline into a slippery slide of no recovery.

Ok, call me crazy, (join the club) I do not intend to get old and disabled.

I intend to eat lots of Leafy Green Vegetables (the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet), and eat enough foods that I never need to count how many nor how few calories I am consuming.

I intend to eat a wide, and LARGE variety of Whole Foods and never need to go to the Doctor since, I am choosing food as my medicine, and my medicine as my food.

And, the entire time avoiding processed chemically tainted toxins generally called Standard American Grocery Story ‘Food’…. or ‘Fast Food’.

( It just occurred to me that it  is really interesting that those two types of items are sold in the same building… food and alleged food….  hummm… interesting…)

Oh well, Jeff Novick…. A voice you can trust.

Count No Calories, Measure No Protein, Fear No Carbs.

But … it is a Holiday…

How many times have I heard in the last days, ‘…its Thanksgiving, I can eat and drink what I want…’ … …

It will be ‘ok’ to do so right?

I remember saying this myself.  I remember believing this myself.  And, as a mater of fact, for over 60 years I survived every Holy Day, Birthday, New Years, ‘…its the weekend’, ‘…I’m sad/happy…’, oh, what the hell I am gonna die anyway…’ … … until …

If you have not seen the movie Eating You Alive, it would be worth your time to do so.  Email me if you cannot find the method of ordering this movie.

In the last days, I have actually looked in the eyes of people who said they were planning to ‘eat, drink, and be merry’in great excess ….. and these were people who are suffering from Diabetes, Heart Attacks, High Blood Pressure, disabling Physical Conditions due to being obese and out of shape….


I have not experienced living around too many people who have had addictions to illegal drugs, but I think it is similar to people addicted to sugar, salt, fried foods/stuff…


I told someone this week “…I am a smoker, two packs a day addiction.  It just has been 9+ years since I have had a cigarette…”.

I know what it is like to dig around in a ash tray to find a butt with enough at the lighted end, so I can light it without burning my nose hair, and get another drag, and hold the monster of craving at bay…. for a few minutes at least.

That monster of craving is not much different than the craving of Salt, sugar, fried food/stuff…..

Ok, I am trying to come off here non judgmental.  I am almost 10 years without lighting a cigarette, and about three years off the Toxic Standard American Diet.

Folks there is nothing Sacred, Holy, Patriotic, or Honorable about gorging your body with toxic substances and I don’t care if Grandma cooked it, or your family members ‘died for it’ on a battlefield somewhere fighting for ‘truth, justice, and the American Way’.

I am about as ‘hip’ on Holy Days and traditions as I am on enjoying Funerals because the family gets the wonderful opportunity to come together, visit, and eat tons of really ‘good’ food/stuff provided for the grieving family at the loss of a dear Momma, Daddy, Aunt, Uncle … …. Chances are that ‘that’ funeral food is why you are at a funeral in the first place ….

Oh, and just a personal note… my youngest is an RN.  He, and the rest of the ERs across this fruited plains are on duty… ready to treat the results of Life Style Choices ( better known as Chronic Diseases )

I do not plan to take a day off from my choice of eating for health today.

I will not be taking in animal protein, dairy, or processed foods/stuffs.

I refuse to injure, re-injure, re-injure, re-injure, and then bitch whine and cry about the results of self inflicted damage to my body.

Yeah, I know I am going to die someday, I just do not plan to die from foolish choices I make in a moment of … addiction …

Never counting calories, never measuring protein, never fearing carbs.

( I do not plan for my children to watch me die a slow, self inflicted, Standard American Death because of selfish choices I made from an addiction to any substance such as cocaine, or traditional Holy Day foods/stuff )


Washing the Veggies!

The first department when we walk in our Kroger is the Produce Department.

My FAVORITE Department!

When we get home, and the car is unloaded, the first thing I do is wash the Vegetables.

Our double kitchen sink is fairly deep so I can have a lot soaking room while they are rinsed off after soaking a bit. and then sit to the side for a moment to drain.

Since Elton LT has started devouring steamed carrots, we buy them in three pound bags.  I will eat the little ends fresh, and steam the larger end for him.

I took this picture to show the debris ( sand and the such) but all you can see is the floating remnants of the Leafy Greens.

After I listened to “How Not to Die” for the hundredth time, I am more concerned with cleaning the veggies than ever.

(Fecal mater….OMG!!! ) […but that is another blog, another day…]

I guess I need to look at the vinegar washes since Betty still turns her nose at a drop or a few of BLEACH in the soaking water… (after all, bleach is some nasty stuff not used correctly…)

The final step at the sink is placing them in a towel to absorb excess water, and to also distribute it more evenly in the sack while stored in the second frig in the Garage.

( That frig in the Garage is ‘my’ frig)

 Collard Greens…

I found cilantro works great wrapped in this manner as you roll or fold it as you gentle separate the bundle.  Otherwise the bunch seems to start turning mushy and icky really quick! After I read about the powerhouse of antioxidants held in Cilantro, I try to eat some with every meal, stalks and all!

I also will put these Leafy Green veggies in the bags, top first, so that the stalk is sticking toward the opening.  This will make for easy withdrawal of just a Leaf or two since I attempt to eat some of each type with every meal.  Plus, if the open end is where drying will start, I want the tender part of the leaf most protected.

I have needed to go back to the store before the week is over, and the regularly scheduled Shopping trip returns.  If so, I try to always use the old supplies first and keep everything in rotation.

Also, towards the end of the week I will take a BIG BOWL and slice or cut up any Leafy Greens remaining so they are best cured for maximum nutritional value, and it is just so easy to grab a handful of Greens and GO!

Counting NO Calories! Measuring NO Protein! FEARING NO CARBS!

(more and more WFPB NO Salt OILS Sugar everyday!)