About me

I cannot remember ever wearing pants this small in the waist!

In May 2015 I started an adventure that turned into more than I thought possible.

I was introduced to a new way of eating at that time.  I lost about 30 pounds, then on October 1, 2015, I had a Heart Attack.  I failed the attempt to place multiple Stents, and on October 5th, 2015 I had a Triple By Pass.  I was told the blockage was to severe.  I do not recall being offered options to the surgery.

After over 600 hours of books, and video lectures and classes, I have come to the place I am today.

I know now, I did have options to the Stents, as well as the Surgery…It will take me over 10 years to pay off my part of that Surgery.

Still researching and learning what I can about how to prevent another Heart Attack, and a lot of other things that seem to occur in the lives of folks my age.

I am not a Doctor, and I do not suggest you follow anything I do, since I have a big issue with being told what to do…usually I do the opposite I am told to do…

I am off all medications since March 2016… by my own choice and NOT by Doctors advice.

I follow Whole Food Plant Based Life Style.  I add No Salt, Use NO OIL (NONE!), and I add NO SALT.

Follow along and see what I have enjoyed in these last couple of years…. and how I plan to enjoy the next 48 (you are invited to my 110th Birthday Party).

Thanks for dropping by!