“How Not to Die” A Book I almost returned…UNTIL !!

As you all know, I love to buy audio books, and listen through a ‘Blue Tooth’ connection via my phone.  This way I can be mowing the yard, trimming trees, driving on long trips, or walking on the treadmill and listening to a book.

When I started listening to this book I was pleased to see the writer was also reading the book!

How wonderful.  Until the first paragraphs.  There was something about … something …. until …

After the Introduction, I was wiping tears and so in love with the story of Michael Greger, and his Grandma.

I was forever a fan.

So much, I bet you I have bought a dozen or more of this book in print and audio format and given to friends, and family.

I also became a fan of the website Nutritionfacts.org and the Facebook Page by the same name.

You will not believe the fountain of information you will have on that web site, and daily videos on a wide range of subjects concerning Whole Foods and the such.

And then, the book.

I have listened to the book at least six times, and I learn something new every time.

Also, I have mentioned that I narrowed my folks I follow to only a few.  There are so many voices I would be bouncing off the walls with he said, she said… and just going NUTS!

I will continue to address those who have gained and maintained my respect, and following.

Dr. Greger is without a doubt a voice that I trust.

Plus, he has a wonderful humor!  Ok, I need to tell you, I find his humor a bit ….juvenile at times… and THAT is my kinda guy!

I think you will enjoy his work, and I know the information will be of great benefit to you too !

….. and you didn’t know that …. UNTIL NOW!

(when someone ‘gets it!’ …. let me know!)

No Calories Counted, No Protein Measured, NO CARBS FEARED!!



check it out on line, and on Facebook.  Sign up for updates!  You will be glad you did!


So you want to start eating WFPB ( Whole Food Plant Based)

After you read or listen to this book, you will understand why WFPB is way to eat….. to live.

You will love Dr Joel Fuhrman.

Especially after you hear his story and meet his family.

When you understand the ‘why’ eating this way is so smart, and can be done for a life time…. you will find yourself buying this book to give to people!

And, yes, watch him on youtube!

He is one of the Doctors I have focused on to learn what I can concerning Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle.

After I really started getting all I could on this subject, I found there were hundreds of ‘voices’ out there and most were just hateful and mean to others who didn’t preach the ‘message’ just like they did …

Personally, I just have better things to do than introduce controversy and strife into my life.

There are many voices out there saying good things, but I have narrowed those I follow to only a few.

Dr Furhman was one of the first I turned ‘off’ but came back to in a year or so, and have enjoyed his work greatly.

I am sure I have listened to the book pictured above maybe 7 times.

I will listen again I know.

(I like to listen to books through my Hearing Aids while I busy at something else … …)

Never the less, Joel Furhman is a great voice you would do well to listen to, and follow.

No Calories Counted, No Protein Measured, NO CARBS FEARED!!


( oh, and don’t be surprised to hear Dr. Fuhrman call it the Nutritarion Life Style…)

[Below is HIS way to figure your BMI.

If you want to Reverse the Heart Disease…

Read this Book if you want to REVERSE Heart Disease.

Many have left the Doctors office and followed this book and took charge of the Disease they are told they will have for the rest of their life.

Inform yourself before the Heart Attack occurs.

Listen to everything you can by this Doctor, on youtube.

Here is an example….

Watch all you can.

Watch as many times as you can.

He is a wonderful speaker.

It is well worth your time.

It may save your life, or the life of a loved one.

It may save you a lot of time money, and pain.

In the Next Blog, I will tell what book to buy if you are interested in starting a Life Style of Whole Food Plant Based Living.

You will love Dr Esselstyn.

No Calories Counted, No Protein Measured, NO CARBS FEARED!


I can be an oldmanskinandbones because of men like Dr Esselstyn

Heart Attack and Options.

I will not do this to myself again.

My Surgeon told me we could not know what causes Heart Attacks.  The day he released me, his advice was to do all things in moderation.

He said he had always had eggs with bacon for Breakfast.  I could too, but you know, keep it moderate.

What I could not understand at that moment was why he continued to tell me I could should not be partaking of those famous Corny Dogs and Fried Bean Burritos from the local chain of Gas Stations.

These Heart Attack inducing foods, in my life, cost only $1.29 for two.  The 32 oz soft drink refills were .99 cents.

I knew which stores kept the shelves full of the grease fried cheap toxins and which that kept the sodas calibrated for the best taste fizzy effect.

And the Surgeon said I could eat Bacon and eggs, but no food from the Gas Stations….. I was confused.

Then at my three month Check Up, after the Surgery, the Cardiologists doubled my Statin Drugs, and maintained my Blood Pressure Medications.

I was in shock!

I asked why and he laughed at me saying I would be on at least these Medications for the rest of my life.

I explained I was eating no Animal Products, nothing that contained dietary cholesterol… I was eating all vegetables, fruits and all healthy stuff so I could get off the medications.

He laughed at me again, and said food had nothing to do with what caused the Heart Attack, and could do nothing to keep me from having another, nor get me off the Medications.

The level of Lipitor was double the normal amount.  He explained that was necessary because I was in such awful shape after the Heart Attack and Surgery, it was necessary.

I was furious. Plus I discovered the Blood work was costing me $495.00 since it was a new year, and I had to meet the deductible.

Plus my youngest son called to tell me I had to stop eating all those Grapefruit while on Statins, because the mixture of the fruit, and the Statin Drug could kill me.

I had just bought 45 pounds of the best Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit.

I was so angry.

So I studied, and researched, and slowly gave away 45 pounds of Grapefruit.

After some days, I decided to HELL with the Statins… I was finding a large number of WHOLE FOODS with as much success as Statins, and no side effects.

Yep… oldmanskinandbones jumped onto another conspiracy thingy and started a crusade for Whole Foods.

Plus I was still confused, and burning from the mixed signals I was getting from Medical Professionals, and getting laughed at ….

Just hours home from the surgery, I was trying to wrap my mind around the possibility of being on these meds for the rest of my life. I was trying to be Superman, wearing my cape…

To make the story short, I do not even take the Baby Aspirin.

I grind all kinds of seeds, dried flowers, drink teas, eat powdered herbs, and in the last weeks started a gentle workout program…

I have lost enough weight I have been called an old man with arms that look like nothing but skin and bones…

That conversation is one of the main reasons I started the workout.

Honestly, I would like to weigh 20 pounds less than I do now..

But to get there, and to have gotten to where I am now…..

No Calories were Counted, No Protein was Measured, and NO CARBS WERE FEARED!



And the Doc said for the rest of my life…

No Medications for almost two years!

The Doctor told me I would be on several medications for the rest of my life, and also LAUGHED at me when I told him about the life style change I had been on for several months at that time…(now two and a half years).

He pissed me off that morning.

I went away from there determined to see who gets the last laugh.

If the food or crap for food puts us in bad health, then I contend it is REAL FOOD WFPB WHOLE FOODS that can put us in good health.

So far, so good.

Early the same day …

No Calories Counted, No Protein Measured, NO CARBS FEARED!!

… not once from day one!


Why does it have to end?

… the last one of the season …


Lets hope this lasts much longer this time….

Anyway…I am sad that the Watermelon Season is over.

Yeah, I know I can get the personal size, but I like the big local melons with seed when possible.

The one in the picture was the last half of the last melon.  I knew I should have bought those last dozen at the store.  I did get two.

And they were wonderful.

I look forward to next year.

It is time for Citrus Season in Texas and quite honestly, the Oranges and Grapefruit are on the disappointing side so far.

Last year they were like candy.  Some of the Oranges were so delicious, I would eat the peel and all.

At the time I worked in a warehouse and the guys back there thought I was nuts.  Well, some of them thought I was nuts anyway.

After the Heart Attack and Triple By Pass, I had cut any Animal Products from my diet, and that upset a large number of friends and acquaintances.

Especially the guys at the warehouse.

There was a huge BBQ grill of historical proportions used often back there.

By the way, that reminds me of the day, long ago, I nearly caught an Apartment Complex on fire cooking a Beef Brisket.  All that grease is dangerous around live fire.

Oh, and did you know you are not to pour grease down a kitchen sink?  It will cool down and stick to all the pipes and create a clog.

Now, imagine it going down your throat.

Yep …. will plug everything it touches.

That is a big reason why folks have By Pass Surgeries.

Someday we will discuss those little blue pills, and ED…and Animal Fats.

(How did we get here from Watermelons?)

No Calories Counted, No Protein Counted, NO CARBS FEARED!


back in the saddle again!


Announcing New Chief Editor In Charge of Blog Publications!

Elton Lord Tennyshuz, Chief Editor In Charge of Blog Publications.

We here at oldmanskinandbones.com are delighted to announce a new placement on the team!

Elton Lord Tennyshuz has gladly assumed the position of Chief Editor In Charge of Blog Publications.

A full Blooded English Bull Dog with papers, comes from a long line of Noble Contributors.

As seen here in a photo taken after hours of hard work, the CEICBP kept his nose to the key board assuring the quality of work required to make the deadlines and maintain the Quality Control expected in such a level of this publication.

Around the water bowl, rumor has it that Elton LT has contributed the best ideas published in the last two weeks.  He has refused to answer any of the accusations that oldmanskinandbones has plagiarized ideas from the new Chief Editor while oldmanskinandbones (OMSB) acted as if he were napping, and actually stealing ideas for new articles.

Elton LT makes no bones about it, he is excited about the future partnership with OMSB!

… and as always Elton LT, CEICBP reminds you,

No Calories were Counted, No Protein was Measured, NO CARBS WERE FEARED!



Leftovers for Breakfast!

Yes, this is Breakfast!

Left over Whole Wheat Spaghetti,  Collard, Mustard, Turnip Greens, Kale (with the fresh ground Flax Seed, Hibiscus & Gunpowder Green Tea, I also ground some Mustard Seed to encourage the Leafy Greens to ‘do their thing’ on creating that enzyme action they do so well since I didn’t have time to pre cut the Greens fourty minutes before consuming) …

Ok, I also added four colors of left over Bell Peppers, Red and Yellow Onion,  Cauliflower ‘Taco Meat’, and No Oil ‘Fried’ it all using the Bean Liquor from last nights Green Beans in place of Oil.

( I never throw away any Bean Juice, even the regular canned Beans/Vegetables.  That is now my frying material, or flavor for tomorrow’s dry Old Fashion Oats.  I wish it was all Sodium Free, but I do all I can!)

I kept the pan covered so it all would steam well and not stick.  The last few minutes I took the cover away, and finished it uncovered.

Wonderful Breakfast!

I chased girls, and I liked it!

Yeah, it is about chickens… but I caught your attention right?

Just before my Triple By Pass, I had started to let the hens out of their coop and roam the back yard.  They were so happy!  and Funny!!

However, they stayed in the pen for the eight days I was having the Heart Attack and Surgery.

But the FIRST thing I did when my Brother Boyd, and Friend LeRoi brought me home, was let the chickens out!

They were so happy!  The chickens that is.

The door I propped open was spring loaded and would shut securely by just removing a rock, and they were safe for the night.

It amazes me how chickens will run free all day, and at a precise moment of the sitting ( or is it setting?) of the sun, they return to roost for the night….. unless …

My 2nd night home from the Triple By Pass, the rock slipped and the door shut before the roosting time.  The girls were locked out.

When I went out two hours after dark, to secure the spring loaded door, the girls were bunched up in a far corner of the yard terrified of the dark and open spaces.

Chickens can’t see well at night if at all.  They do not ‘herd’ well at anytime…especially at night.

Here I am walking with a broom stick as a cane, wearing house shoes, underware, a T-Shirt, and a light blanket over my shoulders, less than 5 days out of the Triple By Pass Surgery, herding Chickens back into their pen… which is a ‘first time’ for us all.

Just that sight was enough to terrify the poor hens, but they couldn’t see me, remember?

Betty was back in the house unaware of this turn of events, and still a bit aggravated at the chickens running loose in the back yard anyway ( they were eating EVERYTHING they could reach)…. and I was trying to remedy this situation at hand and return with out her being made aware.

All but one.  The chicken we called ‘Old Girl’ was almost totally blind anyway.  For the life of me (Pun Allowed) I could not get her to go back in the door.

After beginning to fear that the glue holding my chest bone back together would let go, and something was beginning to feel uncomfortable, I gave up and went back in to ask Bettys help rescuing Old Girl.

Boy, was I in TROUBLE.  Wow.  Betty was really PISSED OFF at me.

What if the ambulance workers showed up and my hair wasn’t braided, and was my underwear clean and WTF was I doing running around chasing chickens in the dark anyway?!

One bad part was the security light. One the one hand it was a great help, and on the other hand it would turn off when we all three were out of sensor range… and then we are in the dark. So one of us would have to get back in range to get it to turn on again, and Old Girl preferred the light off…

All concluded well.

Old Girl returned to the flock and secure coop.

I did not bust any seams or wiring, or anything else….

But Betty busted an attitude all the way back in the house and into the living room where I slinked back into the recliner and tried to disappear…

So, let that be a lesson fellows.

Chasing Chicks can cause a lot of trouble.

And, as always, that night while chasing chicks,

I Counted NO Calories, I Measured NO PROTEIN, and I FEARED NO CARBS!

( but I decided I never wanted to piss MissB off like that again!)



Dreams wake me at 12:30 am

I watched my Momma die.

I was just awakened by a dream of one of the last hours of Moms time here on earth.

It is a awful memory.  It is a memory in color.  It is a memory I swore I would never give to my children.

I eat the way I do for several reasons.  One of those reasons is just pure anger.

I believe a lot of what goes on today in ‘health care’ is actually criminal.

Ok you wanta start winking your eye, smiling the little smile, and chuckle a bit saying, “… here goes Rayray again with ‘they’ this, and ‘they’ that, and his conspiracy theories about how the American Public is in large part nothing short of livestock, being kept in a feedlot of purposed design so as to provide practice fields for new technology, as well as a means to use equipment so it and techs can be paid for, as well as ‘certain’ lifestyles can be funded…

Yeah, I took the Red Pill and sometimes I am awakened at night by nightmares of memories I wish were not true, and I wish they had not occurred to my Momma… and I wish I had not seen them.

I believe every bite of food, or swallow of a liquid I take is either ‘good’ for my nourishment, health, maintenance of my body, or, it is not ‘good’.  Along with that, I believe also that every bite or drink I take is wise or foolish.  Ok I am gonna say it… it is really damned selfish or it is cruel to those around you who will have to watch you die a slow awful death because you decided to eat some ‘shit’ that was fun to eat.

My dream this morning was watching my Moms leg ‘blow up’ right before my eyes.

Mom had that infection where you had to put on safety shoes, safety garment, gloves, a mask…. basically she was some kind of a bio hazard zone.

The nurses were trying to get her to sit up in a chair, she was crying out in pain, and her lower left leg just, ‘blew open’ like a radiator hose would blow open discharging the fluids.

It suddenly became a quiet scene as everyone instantly moved into another ‘mode’ of action.

The nursing team moved into a professional mode for several obvious reasons, one including what I would call a ‘hazmat emergency’ due to the infection just being propelled over a large area…Mom became strangely quiet, and I just turned into a statue, or at least a statue that moved slowly back so the nurses could do their job.

At that moment, I never dreamed that this memory would come back to awaken me just after midnight, October 25th, 2017.

If I can do anything to prevent my children from ever having to make memories like this, then you can damned sure bet I will do that.

Later that day the Doctor shared with us there was no more drugs, antibiotics, or anything remaining to give to Mom to fight off the infection.  He said to us there was a possible surgery that could possibly help, but Mom was not in good enough condition to survive, and more than likely not benefit from surgery at all … yada yada yada …

Minutes later, I leaned close to Moms face and told her what was said, and asked her what she wanted to do, surgery or to just let go, and die …

… … …

A number of hours later, communication with Mom had become a grip of her left hand to let you know she was still ‘there’, and was responding.  She was no longer opening her eyes, but she would still hold, and squeege your fingers.

The last thing I told her, and that she replied to, with the squeeze of the fingers, was the morning of the day she died.  I told her it was ok to go ahead and let go, and go ahead and leave.  I told her she needed to feel free to go on, and not worry about staying here any longer.  Later that afternoon, she ‘left us’.

So often people look at what I eat and laugh.  They think I am crazy, or extreme.

It is amazing that I don’t go ballistic on them.

Extreme is cutting your chest open, exposing the heart, sewing polluted veins they can harvest from your legs over the heart so as to BY PASS the plugged up arteries already there.


What about the percentages of stent placements that have to be repeated as well as By Pass Surgeries?  What is the true ‘success rate’ of stent placement anyway?


What about the Statin Cholesterol Drugs they put you on that have maybe as good of a success rate as eating a teaspoon of fresh ground Flax Seed each day, or four Brazil nuts once a month?

Bull Shit.

Go to YouTube and watch Jeff Novick explain “Squaring The Curve” at 54:30.  https://youtu.be/0CdwWliv7Hg

That is how I want to die.  This typical drawn out way of sharing the suffering is bull shit.  I hope to just square that event.  Screw the curve.  Screw the shared suffering.

So, there is the dream.  There is the anger.  There are the tears.

Every time I take another bite of my typical ‘extreme’ Collard, Turnip, Mustard Greens, Kale, Spinach, fresh ground Flax Seed, Gunpowder Green Tea, Dried Hibiscus Leaves/Tea, Powdered Ginger, Cinnamon Powder, Cocoa Powder, Walnuts, Almonds, uncooked Old Fashioned Oat Flakes, chunked fresh Fruit, home cooked beans and rice, steamed potatoes and all prepared with NO SALT NO OIL NO SUGAR added. (and I mean to say NO salts, No Oils [NONE!] NO Sugar)…

be sure you hear me say this…

each bite is a rage against the establishment that places profits before health.

each bite is a vote against false science that says ‘Man’ is smarter than God.

each bite is a trust in Whole Foods, Plants, Whole Grains, Beans and Legumes.

each bite is ‘shooting the bird’ at fad diets, and social media ‘Newspeak’ that once is more interested in selling something rather than telling the truth about Nutrition.

each bite is also a pleasure because I am enjoying the results of a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle, and the FOOD tastes great, and I never go hungry.

each bite is a promise to family, friends, and myself… you will NOT be given memories of a horrible slow death by what I ate, or did not eat.  I will not contribute to the slow death by shitty food choices.