Why I grind Hibiscus Tea Flowers to eat, instead of making Tea…

So far, I have one Hibiscus Flower that actually grows here at my home.  I am saving the matured flowers to use for consumption.

This is an actual picture of Hibiscus Tea on top and Gunpowder Green Tea on the bottom.

I grind these with Flax Seed every morning….

… and throw them in a tub of UNCOOKED Old Fashion Oats covered in Almond Milk, and let them soak and eat them.

Why do I do that instead of making tea?

I am lazy.

I can eat the tea leaves/flower, and get fiber from another WHOLE FOOD ( the leaves or the flower or the seed).

The Hibiscus ‘stains’ every thing it touches when it gets wet, and this reminds me that my insides are getting stained with these POWERFUL antioxidants, and the fiber is feeding the lower intestines life forms living there…

Although this picture above is BLUE BERRIES staining a white cloth, it is the same principle as the Stain of Hibiscus … POWERFUL STAINS PROCLAIM POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS!!

(After Breakfast, I want my insides red, and or purple!)

(After lunch and supper, a glow of Golden Turmeric Gold ain’t bad !!)

But why I eat the Teas in ground Flower or Leaf form….

Nothing goes to waste, I eat it all….

AND finally and most of all….

It is easier than making tea…

Some say I am lazy….

Others say I am ‘Crafty’, Creative, a genius as it were….

(you decide!)


I never count calories, I never measure protein, I FEAR NOR CARBS!!

( What I do fear is these stains getting on counter tops, wash towels, my shirts … “some one” gets upset ya know?)

I made Oat Milk last night, and I like it …

While preparing potato wedges for cooking in the oven, I decided to make some oven baked no oil onion rings.

I realized the recipe called for 1 cup of almond (or plant) milk…. and I had used the last that morning.

I remembered something about making your own plant milk so I looked up oat milk, and easy peasy…. I had a jar full!

I just added the strained out part to the batter…NOTHING LOST!

This was too simple!

The batter turned out just great and all the baked stuff including potatoes, cauliflower, and onions were so good, and I missed taking more than this picture…


Big bonus, NO GREASE LIPS!

The next morning I had some soaked oats.

It tasted great.

Yes, I know, I am leaving something ‘on the table’ here, soaking your oats in homemade oat milk…. But I am tired today and just have ‘nothing in me’….

sorry ….

So there you are.

Someday I will attempt to make almond milk, and cashew milk…..

Maybe after I finally break down and get one of the fancy HIGH SPEED blenders…

And as always, do not think you need to count calories, measure protein, nor fear carbs.

Unless you just want to be ‘mean’ to yourself.


I did a ‘sit up’ and other VICTORIES!

Yep I did a ‘sit up’ this week and I am celebrating!

When I started getting serious about working out a few weeks ago, my youngest son said in amazement… “What do you mean you can’t do a sit up!?”

That is right!

I could not remember the last time since 1972 I even tried.

BUT there had been a big GOOSE EGG attempt when I confessed to Josh.

I was SO OUT OF ‘SHAPE’ !!

So among a number of routines I gathered from you tube and other places, I came up with a routine which included Safe Leg Lifts for 63 Year Old Men Who Has Had Gallbladder Surgery as well as A TRIPLE BY PASS Surgery therefore offering numerous Hernia Tear locations ( I already have a hernia at the Navel) and basically has Sissy Muscles in place of a SIX PACK AB.

(Wow, I am amazed at how well I cleaned up my language on that description …. wow)

You know what else?

I began to notice how I walked slumped over like a little old man…(shuffle along old man, shuffle along…. nothing to see here)

It looked horrible.

When I am running? on the Treadmill I looked horrible too.  I LOOKED LIKE A OLD MAN RUNNING.

Then I remembered …. I was.

So, in order to improve that appearance, I decided to just keep getting better at all that. (Including the Leg Lifts and finally, the SIT UPS)

March 7, 2018, while warming up for what was to be a record breaking day on the treadmill of 6.81 miles! …. I did a sit up !  Right in the middle of the Leg Lifts!

I was so happy!  I ran in and flopped down in the middle of the Dinning Area Floor, and showed Betty!

She was so impressed!!

Yesterday, as I warmed up for another record breaking day of distance on the treadmill, ( !! 7.08 mi *** 01:37:04 mins ***155 bpm ***1178 cals burned)…

… and  I did 5 sit ups!


Folks, that is a BIG THING in my life!

A BIG Celebration.

You should see the new wrinkles on my shrinking tummy!


I will photograph that BADGE OF HONOR soon….( yeah, my tummy! with wonderful shrinkage wrinkles)

So, in my first week of wearing the FitBit, Josh gave me for my birthday, I have run almost 25 miles.

…burned during exercise, 5649 calories…

( I will count calories BURNED DURING WORK OUT, BUT THERE IS no reason for me to count calories I eat.   When you eat WFPB, you can eat all you want!!!) EAT ALL YOU WANT!

This is another CELEBRATION !

The results of a ”Friendly”(?) Competition with Taylor W. and Josh to see who wins the Workout Contest (Monday – Friday).

Of course, I admit this oldmanskinandbones IS RETIRED (somewhat), and I am not eating meat, no animals, and no dairy, I take no protein supplements, I have no coach nor sponsor, and I have lots of time to do these things where as the young 25 ish year old competitors ( ie 2nd and 3rd places) have full time or more jobs … …

After the results of week 2 of the competition, I will post pictures of a new secret weapon I am constructing in my backyard… ( this will be a game changer!)

I do not need to count CALORIES I eat.  There is NO REASON to do so.

I do not need to measure PROTEIN.  There is NO REASON to do so.

I do not need to FEAR CARBS.  There is NO REASON to do so.

But I do have a reason to celebrate Sit Ups and Handing the ass to 2nd and 3rd place…..










I made “Easy Black Bean Dip”, and I’m NOT Afraid to USE IT!

Folks, Whole Food Plant Based Living is POWERFUL.

We are just beginning to understand the POWER OF PLANTS!

We learn MORE everyday, and are just ‘scratching the surface’ .

This is one of the reasons I am planning that 110th Birthday Party FOR ME! in the year 2065.

This is your invitation to be there!!

If you just HAVE to bring me a gift, but don’t know what to buy a GUY WHO HAS EVERYTHING… then bring FRUIT!

OR !!!!

A special plate where you have used Terri Edwards EASY BLACK BEAN DIP  (click this link to see the recipe!)

I made it for Breakfast and poured it over my Breakfast Salad…. it was fantastic!

I need to be careful , because I think I could just eat it with a spoon.

I do make a humble suggestion to Terri Edwards though, I think the recipe would be just fine if it were doubled in size… but that is just me …

There is not much of the original batch remaining after my breakfast and I DID get a concerning look from my wife when she heard how little was remaining after my first pass….

Oh well…. I consume huge volumes of food since going WFPB.

Here is my BREAKFAST!

After I took the picture, I mixed it together and ate like a oldman who had just been on the treadmill for 90 minutes, and gone 6.81 miles in 90 minutes.

Because I had been, and this was sooo good!  I was hungry.

A new record for oldmanskinandbones for distance, and time, and a NEW RECIPE from EatPlant-Based.com , and Terri Edwards from North Carolina!

It is in my recipe book, and on my menus!! It is so easy to make!

What else can I use it for!!??

Look out! Here I come!

Never counting Calories, Never measuring Proteins, NEVER FEARING CARBS!


( hummm, Vegan Nachos…. or use it like a spread for a veggie burger in place of mustard or ‘mayo’… or just eat with a spoon…. hummmm ???)

OH YEAH!  Did you see the green bowl in the picture?   See that crack on the left side?

I am making a blog soon about that bowl and that cracked/repaired place…. that is my favorite bowl!

More later!


What Josh said …

Say ‘Hello’ to my youngest child Joshua.

aka ‘The J-Man’

He came back to our part of Texas last weekend to attend a wedding of a dear friend, and he had a few hours to visit Betty and I, and we had a great time and GOOD HUGS!

We shared a Brunch at The Spiral Diner  at 6th and Magnolia in Fort Worth (GREAT VEGAN FOOD!)

Then we ended the day at Main Event where some serious and ‘rule breaking’ LASER TAG’ occurred (I will address that in another blog).  It has to do with Heart Attacks…..

( I will just say this, IF YOU CAN’T play Laser Tag without stopping because the chest is getting tight, or just not catch your breath and feeling a ‘heaviness’ … I would say your well on your way to a HEART ATTACK>>>)  [ ask me how I know…]

But the bulk of the time spent there was setting up my birthday gift from Joshua.

I am now the proud owner of a FitBit Ionic.  This thing is a watch, and …. well, I am not sure ALL that it is….

It records my running/jogging , Heart Rate, and it even records via satellite paths I take moving around and stuff like that….

I am now, in this moment, in a weekly ‘competition’ with Josh and Taylor ….. Josh is in Washington State, I am in Texas,and our buddy Taylor is in Arizona.

This FitBit keeps a record of our ‘challenge’ and will declare a winner at the end of the week.  (So far, I am ahead)  [ No, so far, I am handing the little boys, their BUTTS!]

So, we are connected via this thing, and to be honest, I like that!

But I would like to share something Josh wrote the other day in response to my blog posting about that first 5 mile jog….. 5 Miles (oldmanskinandbones DROPS THE MIC )

The following is what he posted on his FB page….

“Things my Dad has always been able to do:

Have long, thoughtful conversations.
Make the worst (best) puns.
Express his emotions in ways I could only imagine. 
Eat like a pig.

New things he’s now able to do:

Eat like a stallion.
Lose close to, if not more than 80 pounds now.
Run 5 miles in one go.
Inspire me to get off my ass and run.”

According to the FitBit he gave me, I have now completed a 6.81 mile jog/run.(3/8/2018)

That translates to a 10.96 kilometer run.

So, since THAT offers little ‘new’ challenge….(to do a 10K Run), then I am aiming to do a HALF Marathon at the 2019 Cowtown Marathon.

I will train to be able to complete

  • Time Limit: 4.5 hours
  • Distance: 13.1 miles

That means I need to run on a street, at 3 miles per hour +/- …. and do it for four and a half hours.

I can do it as long as the right knee holds up…. but that is another Blog, another day….


You INSPIRED me to start eating the Whole Food Plant Based Life Style.

You INSPIRED me to recover as best possible from the Heart Disease and By Pass Surgery.

You INSPIRED me to never burden you with Life Style Chronic Diseases disasters.

You INSPIRED me to get off my ass.  Well, you were ONE of the Inspirations for that….. After all,  there is that whole ‘oldmanskinandbones’ thing, ya know!?

You INSPIRED me when you said we would run The Cowtown Marathon together.

That sure is a long way from May 2015 when you told a 240 pound FAT DADDY about a fellow named Dr John McDougall and a new way of living call The Starch Solution.

LOL!  I was so afraid you had been brainwashed and become a VEGAN !   or something like that.



Who wants to run The Cowtown Marathon 2019 with us?

We all have eleven months to get ready.

Come on!  Lets go!

The best way I know to get there is WFPB…..


never counting calories, never measuring proteins, NEVER FEARING CARBS!


( and my posse)


8306 Steps with 2.5 lb weight attached to each leg…

Or a Better title is, “LIFTED TEN TONS, AND WHAT DO YOU GET?”

16 Tons   Tennessee Ernie Ford  ‘Click’ that link, and listen to that in Black and White.  (He did that song on the video in 1956….a YEAR after I was born….)

(TayTay W. remember that …)

I will attempt the Math, but remember, I was a ‘jock’ and major Chick Magnet when I was in High School..

Ok, I was a Jock and WANTED to be a Chick Magnet…

Ok, I went to High School where most anyone could play Football.

So, my TOTAL STEP COUNT since I arose from Bed this morning, is 15,880 or, 6.8 miles traveled.  However, of that number, 8063 were taken with these 2.5 lb ankle weight attached around my ankles.  (Over three miles while jogging!)

So each step was carrying that weight, above what it would have otherwise carried, with out the Velcro securing the thing to the ankle.

So I carried 8306 X 2.5 = 20,765  EXTRA POUNDS of weight today via the two weightsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

(CRAP!  I just feel asleep and ‘sit’ on that ‘S’ key for a bit …..)

Ok, that weight is equal to just a bit over 10 TONS ….. yes, TEN TONs.

The sad thing is, I do not think there is a way to let my Fit Bit know about the extra weight, so i ‘lose’ any extra ground that could have gained me ….

******* I am going to bed! LATER!

Ok, it is the next morning and I had a huge night of sleep.

****I am in a competition with a couple of little boys, maybe teenagers …. ???

We see who has done the most Workouts at the end of the week in a competition on FitBit.  I do not understand how all that works but this thing on my arm told me my resting heart rate through the night was 59.

That is out standing!

Which reminds me of one of the comments from a competition member yesterday. When I joined the group, all my totals for the day to that moment came up for all three of us to see.

One of the guys exclaimed,   ” WHAT!?!?!?  I am getting my A#% HANDED TO ME BY A SENIOR CITIZEN!!??”

Yeah, little grasshopper, YOU ARE!!

So I want to know…. what is the effect (or is it affect?) of wearing 2.5 pound weights for that many steps and in total lifting over 10 tons … 2.5 pounds at a time …..?

I know one thing for sure, you sleep really well at the end of that day….

AND you have a##es to little boys who are eating your dust…

And remember …

That SENIOR CITIZEN never counts calories, Never measures protein, NEVER FEARS CARBS!!!



YES!  There it is again!




How do you say ‘Quinoa’?

I am grateful for the videos on youtube.  You can learn….anything!

Ok. today we are posting another recipe from Terri Edwards.

I am intending to do this as much as possible to serve a number of purposes,

First and foremost, these are good information, and good food, and GOOD FOR YOU!

Second, Betty and I have personally enjoyed these recipes and we are so happy to have them in our ‘War Plans’ to combat the Standard American Death Diets…

Thirdly, Face Book put Terri in ‘FB JAIL’ for reasons that make me think of the NEWSPEAK of Orwells 1984.

(If you haven’t read that book, I heavily suggest it!  It will be removed from the ‘Fiction’ section, to the ‘History’ section soon …)


If you have not tried QUINOA! Hurry to the store and get some ASAP !

I love this stuff!

Some whiners will cry, ” but it is more expensive than the bulk store brand of sugar coated mini wheats….”

!waaa waaaa!

Ok, THAT may be a little ‘cruel’, but a few cents more to eat something healthy and unprocessed is going to help keep you out of a $300,000 decoration to your otherwise gorgeous chest….

Sorry, no sympathy from oldmanskinandbones.com  ….

… no, not none.  (Yes, I know that is a double negative…with intention.  Thank you).

Wow… how did I get so carried away!>?

I don’t know!!  MAYBE WATCHING PEOPLE KILL THEMSELVES with lazy choices and actually paying for stuff to put in their mouth that is LETHAL, TOXIC, DESTRUCTIVE, and Government Subsidized ….

Terri Edwards, if this is ‘too far’…. let me know… I am getting indications from my Sweet Miss B that  I am ‘stepping over the line’.  I know THAT by the ‘noise’ I hear from her ROLLING HER EYES at me ….

(Really, this rant makes more sense if you listen to me READING THIS with the inflections of emotion, and passion.  It is not always easy to convey so much ‘hurrah’ on a key board.  Especially when you are ‘self taught’ how to type on a Brazilian Typewriter, keyed for the language of Portuguese.  I guess I need to start the oldmanskinandbones.com youtube channel like my brother David has suggested.)



Finally the recipe from our favorite voice of WISDOM, Plant Based Living, and good food! EatPlant-Based.com


Fruited Breakfast Quinoa


And as usual my ‘signature’ I never count calories, never measure protein, NEVER FEAR CARBS!



5 Miles (oldmanskinandbones DROPS THE MIC )

Last Sunday Feb, 25, 2018 I logged my longest ‘JOG’ever at 3.81 miles in 68 minutes with an average speed of 2.91 mph.

I was so proud of that accomplishment!

The most I recall doing in distance was 3.25 miles … more or less…. yet ….

I KNEW I left something ‘on the table’ when I was through and off the treadmill.

This morning was the first time back on the treadmill since then, and I was determined to go to the 4 mile mark.

(Remember that it was December 16th, 2017 that I recorded this picture to show a starting point for ‘Working Out’ …)

Then I started construction of the ‘Slideshow’ for Motivation with pictures like this…

    (This one is actually is a picture off the screen showing the ‘slideshow’ CHECK OUT THE CHIN on that dude in the Flowered Shirt… … that is me doing some EXTREME SPORTS called ‘HORSE SHOES’… …. really…. )

  There, you can see THE CHIN better now … (WHAT a fat chin…)

So today is March 1, 2018, just about 75 days after the 12/16/2017 Iron Man Shot.

I recall starting to ‘walk’ on the treadmill about then and lifting some weights and wanting to look like… Marc Ramirez from EATING YOU ALIVE

Or the first fellow I saw running and losing weight like a BOSS, Fatmanrants.com (TimKaufman)

I remember seeing this very photo and thinking “WHAT!?  If Tim could do that, so COULD I !!”

That, and the aforementioned event where a dear family member told me I looked like an old man with nothing but skin and bones for arms … ….  inspired me to do the 12/16/2017 picture and get on the treadmill and grab some weights.

Zoom to today…

  For an Hour and Forty Two minutes I was jogging.  Fifteen minutes at 2.8 mph, the remaining 87 minutes at 3.0 mph.

  That was a pace 20;37.  Can SOMEONE tell me what THAT MEANS!?? IDK!

  Not that I am worried about calories burnt, nor eaten (hey, I am oldmanskinandbones.com …. I don’t count calories, measure protein, nor FEAR CARBS!  Actually, I thought this was going to take the picture to tell me the average MPH for the entire run/jog …. but I missed taking that readout …. )

   And this, my friends, IS THE DISTANCE I JOGGED !!!!  Beats the HELL outta that 3.81 record setting 4 day ago, eh?


I was going to stop at 4.25 miles but a picture of Betty in her wedding dress came up, and Rascal Flatts started singing ‘The Broken Rose’ and I couldn’t stop with that song on.

Then, I was gonna stop at 4.75 miles but Dave Mathews Band came on doing DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT and a picture of (THE BEAST MAN)  Josh LaJaunie 

   … and who could stop at that?

So I went to FIVE MILES.

Like a Damned BOSS…

  Does anyone want a potato?

Folks, don’t count calories, don’t measure proteins, DON’T FEAR CARBS!



Great Recipes and ….


(I am so surprised at the large number of people who knew about the POWER OF PLANTS long before I did!)

This wonderful lady is one, of such people!  Please read her story, in her words! (Click the following link)

Meet TERRI EDWARDS !!  She has  her WEB SITE, she is on Face Book,  and as you can see from the picture, she is on Instagram and many other places!

I have used so many of her recipes and they are great !

It is a true pleasure to learn of all these folks who have gone on before me, and have so much already for me to take advantage of in my day to day walk toward Health, and as well as recovering from the lethal effects (or is it ‘affect’?) of the Standard American Death Diet.

But some are special.  Terri is one of them. (I admit I am inclined to folks from the South).

I do not presume to ever make any money from my ‘Blog’ of an old man, (like, someone would pay me for what I think and feel…right?)….

… bit I do hope my meanderings might help someone other than my inner child.

There is a small number of ‘fans’ I am aware of, who read these musings, and have written private notes saying ‘Thanks’ for this or that…. some say they ‘needed a laugh’, others are just glad they are not me and the ‘lucky’ who have the privilege to be in my inner circle of Family and close Friends…

I hope to offer you, the reader, this…


Tools to use as you make the decisions to responsibly take charge of not just your life, but your HEALTH.

And along with that pursuit, take charge of your joy, and happiness.  Even the PLEASURES of Healthy Food, that tastes wonderful.

I will be posting recipes from Terri, to show support, and gratefulness for what she has given to me.

The first I offer for your consideration is VEGAN CHILI CHEESE FRIES.

I saved and printed this recipe yesterday, and will update with pictures as soon as I get the plate completed!

(The non dairy cheese is awesome!  I am writing this at 5:15 AM and my mouth is watering!)

Thank you Terri Edwards for Your Recipes and your Gift of good health, that tastes GOOD!


I never count calories, never measure protein, and NEVER FEAR CARBS!  (And in doing those ‘nevers’, I have found support, internet friendships, and TOOLS…. and I share that with you today, through Terri Edwards)