Self Righteous People and “Bump in the Road”

No, I haven’t been back on the treadmill this morning, it is 6am and I am just now enjoying the 2nd cup of coffee….

But I do want to address two subjects this morning.

During the four weeks ‘of recovery’ after my Triple By Pass, I watched Plant Pure Nation‘ on Netflix, then I watched ‘Forks Over Knives’‘.

These really changed my outlook on life.

I started joining every group of Whole Food Plant Based/McDougall Starch Plan/Joel Furhman Eat to Live/Dr Greger How Not to Die,  … … … and others …  mostly on Facebook.

These are great sites, and there are others that are great help and information!

However, I began to notice a large number of folks or contributors were somewhat…. self appointed JUDGES of what was, and was not acceptable to ‘the plan’….

People were getting so judgmental, and critical… especially of newcomers…

After a while I narrowed my group I followed to just a few.  I now select to follow new groups very carefully.

If I have come across to you as critical, then I have been found guilty of that same attitude which rubs me the ‘wrong way’.

I find it is easy to become critical of others who do not hold the same view as I, or participate in a ‘like’ activity, or who have not traveled as far or as ‘deep’ as I have…

When I find myself ‘that way’, I try to remember to calm it down, and remember not everyone is on the same path as I, and they have  different motivations than I.

I get excited to have found a ‘cure’ or ‘prevention’ to all the common, chronic diseases that the general public seem to be submerged …

And sometimes I get an attitude…

I remember that when I started this ‘journey’ I started by simply giving up colas. I also started eating a lot more beans and rice.  Soon, I added a lot of Salad to the bean and rice, but still used dairy ‘dips’ as a dressing, BUT only a table spoon or two per plate…

I had lost about 30 pounds when the Heart Attack occurred.

The changes I have made since have been to reverse the Heart Disease.

Most people alive today have no idea, nor care that they have Heart Disease.  Most people just want to lose weight.  So, that is their motivation…. well, main motivation…

I really believe most people have a inner voice screaming that just eating healthy would be urgently necessary….but that voice is shut down by society and the LOUD voice of all the propaganda SHOVED DOWN their throat 24/7  … ! ” …diet ! DIET ! DIET!!…”

Judgemental attitudes really turn me off…. but then liars and deceivers just make me angry.

Ok, I have addressed that issue this morning, and it is now 6:49am.

(Why does it take so long to type out your thoughts?)

Now, SUBJECT #2.

Yesterday I started the ‘Accountability and Workout Play List’ thing hoping to find some music you enjoy while working out , and why …. and maybe adding it to my list.

The following was the LAST song played from my random shuffle yesterday…

“Bump in the Road” Jonny Lang

Click the link above and see the lyrics and there is also a link to hear the song played.

For those of you who have never been around a CB Radio, you may not know the ‘story’ is from the perspective of a guy on a Citizens Band Radio in his vehicle (more than likely a Truck Driver).

(In the late 70s I had a CB Radio… ?? what was my ‘handle’? )


The point of the song that ‘does something for me’ is that, what ever the difficulty ‘at hand’, it can be considered only a ‘bump in the road’

Generally, a bump in the road comes and goes and it is just a memory.

Of course, when the bump is occurring, the ‘time’ seems to be lasting FOREVER !

(Someday I will share what I think I think about this thing we call ‘TIME’)

But this song tells me to just keep going….

… what ever the bump… just keep going….

” …Can’t slow down not for the weather
Won’t back down,

I know, I know it gets better
Too far now if I can keep it together
Won’t turn around

Can’t slow down, won’t back down,

too far now

Won’t turn around not now

for just a bump in the road …”

Just keep going

Just keep going…

That is what that song means to me.

Just keep going, ‘it’ is just a bump in the road…

Sixty years of ‘clean out’ to be done. Why have we not been told this could be done? Why have we not been told all these Chronic Diseases can be avoided?

Not counting calories, not measuring protein, never fearing carbs.







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