My First Vegan Restaurant … Really… IN COWTOWN !

… and it was in COW TOWN USA!  Fort Worth, Texas

Who would have ever thought that would happen?

It was a wonderful visit to Spiral Diner & Bakery

Click on the above link and check out the Menu, Location etc.

We had seen several comments while on WFPB Facebook pages concerning Ft Worth, Texas.

Since it was my 63rd Birthday, I decided that was what I wanted for my ‘Big Day’.

I will tell you right now, I am giving 5 STARS for the entire experience except for the parking which does have a ‘good’ side, and the fact that it was a bit noisy in the seating area, but then remember, I am officially old now so I am allowed to be a bit grumpy, right?


Sorry…. I am back now….

[darned kids]

I will be going back to Spiral Diner & Bakery soon, and many times after that!

I cannot wait to take friends and family there.

It was a wonderful time, and FOOD!

Shocking could be a more appropriate term!  Shocking in a good way!

The plus side to the parking issue is that this is in a old part of Fort Worth that is being renewed.

You gotta love that!

Mrs Bairds old house is right down from the location of the Restaurant.  And the parking is still so much better that the parking at a big ‘BOX STORE’.  Mercy!

And the noise inside…. again this building is maybe 100 years old?  That is older than me.

Did ‘they’ even care about quiet, romantic dinning 100 years ago?

History.  You gotta love that…

Folks this could be a lot of ‘things’ other than fantastic food, friendly and helpful service, a wonderful history, and did I mention the food.

Oh yea, I did…. shockingly good.

And another thing…. I just finished the left overs for supper tonight …

They were even better than ‘on site’ … (I love leftovers)

Betty and I shared Nacho Cheese and Chips, a cup of Da Gumbo, I had a Big Kahuna (?) Hawaiian Burger, Betty had a House Burger with a Portobello Mushroom Patty and Potato Salad on the side.  We also had a Chocolate Pecan Brownie for desert…. but we were so ‘stuffed’, it came home in a carry out wrapping.

The prices were better than I had ‘feared’, and for the quality and amount of servings, the price was more than reasonable.

I want to go back and get a good seat some busy day, and sit so I can see every plate as it comes from the kitchen.

I will of course be trying something new, until I have tried them all.

(You all remember I have said over and over, since I have become free of the addiction to salt, and sugar, ALL REAL FOOD TASTES FANTASTIC ! )

The food we had today, was, (again) shockingly good.

Our server was very well spoken, educated about the food, preparations, and very sure when she said there is no Animal Products, No Eggs, No Dairy.  I asked her to repeat that, and she said again, there was No Animal Products, No Eggs, No Dairy used in the food presented at Spiral Diner & Bakery.

I am in love, and will be going back asap.

For sure before the 64th Birthday.

( I saw some of the ‘Nice Cream’ creations coming to the tables around us and they were beautiful! AND THE NACHOS !! OMG they were huge, and looked very tasty!)

Ok.  Folks, I will never ‘look back’ at how I ate before my Heart Attack, By Pass and ‘enlightenment’ concerning Real Food and Nutrition.

After stuffing my belly with the delights today, we drove around parts of Fort Worth where Betty went to First and Second Grade, past the Historical Mrs Bairds House, and then went shopping for a moment at Natural Grocers …. then we drove over an hour back home to Granbury…. and not once did I get that sleepy, groggy, knocked out feeling I used to get from eating all the Cholesterol Filled, Greasy, Artery Clogging Death Filled Standard American Diet.

Did I mention this place is in Cow Town USA?

Mercy…. times are changing.

I am glad.

Two thumbs up! 5 STARS! and all the wonderful marks I can give to Spiral Diner & Bakery

Since I have ‘gone’ Whole Food Plant Based’ …. I do not count calories, I do not measure protein, and I never fear CARBS.

I do love eating!


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