Accountability and My Workout Playlist

Someone was complaining yesterday that they didn’t want to workout because they had no workout partner, or accountability partner.

I see the logic behind that however I prefer no one around when I work out because I am wearing socks, shoes and my sexy underwear, a sweat band and headphones.

In case you are hoping, then you are correct…. In this picture I am wearing the blue pair…

This picture was taken today, February 8, 2018.

Tomorrow I will celebrate my 63rd Birthday.

But lets go back to today because I want to share two things…

#1.  I jogged on the treadmill for a record time of 54 minutes at any speed.  But this was at 2.5 mph according to the treadmill readout.

Proof is on the monitor…

That 55 seconds was getting everything lined up and the ‘speed’ to 2.5mph.

#2. The first song off my play list that ‘ got things going’.

Garth Brooks ‘Standing Outside the Fire’

This got me in the mind set of moving beyond the physical and into the ‘zone’ I guess you call it.

Ever song after that one just built on the other.

Why does it affect me this way?

Have you seen the video?

Watch it.

I can’t watch it with out being flooded with emotion.

It moves me deeply.

Folks, you might understand ‘how deeply’ if you could realize how much I was addicted to cigarettes, fried food, junk food, sodas, binge eating, sugar, chocolate…  you know, all that stuff that clogs the entire vascular system of a body….?


You knew how deeply I used to think eating Plants was stupid, and how necessary it was to eat dead animal decomposing muscle and body parts or secretions of a lactation bladder producing rapid growth fluid for calves….

…. and if you knew how much I detested ‘working out’, ‘jogging’, lifting weights … …

But when I had my ‘mind changed’…

… it really ‘changed’….


Every day I have a song from my Workout Playlist, move me, I will share the song from the Blog, and a little about why it moves me.

Sometimes it will be noble like this song, and its wonderful significance…

… some will just be dark and scary, but….

sometimes one type or the other will make pumping weights or staying at the treadmill another 4 or 5 minutes something I can do….

What songs motivate you?  What ‘lights your fire?’ ….

Share it with me.

And why it motivates you…

I might add it to my list…

Today I thank Garth Brooks and the song ‘Standing Outside the Fire’.

Great Music, Great Story!

Not counting calories, not measuring Protein, and not fearing Carbs….

Not afraid of the fire either….

2 thoughts on “Accountability and My Workout Playlist

  1. Your the man. And Happy Birthday brother. Your blog is getting better and better.
    Standing outside the Fire is a great song and yes the video is a most see.
    keep up the good work and working out too. So proud of you man. You are an inspiration.

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