FREE Healthy Recipes !!

You want to find a huge resource of Heath Information and FREE RECIPES!! ??

McDougall Recipes

You will find them here!

Also, If you do not want to read his publications at this time, or check out his books at the Local Library, or his Free web site , then check out his youtube site and get HOURS and HOURS of Healthy Information!

You will see his passion too!!!

He is another of my HEROES!

I love his story too!

(Check out the one where he had a ‘learning experience ‘ with his Mom and Dads SOFA years ago!  FUNNY!)

Today, I tried his Pancake Recipe!


Here we are getting started…

This was the 2nd try, since the first was a bit too …. burnt… But I ate it!

I really like these Pancakes.  I plan to make some that are ‘savory’.

This was done in the Hot Air Cooker, on Parchment Paper.

And this is just for FUN!

Count no CALORIES,

Measure no Protein,


2 thoughts on “FREE Healthy Recipes !!

  1. I love the picture but you should not hold your head over the hot air cooker while it is on. It leaves you with a gnome like appearance, but still likes it, lol. I’ll have to try the pancake recipe.

    • LOL, I do not need anymore ‘shinny’ appearance to my face than what is there! I have noticed since I have gone to this way of eating (WOE) my skin is not as oily as it has been in the past! On another note, I watched a youtube on using a Instant Pot Pressure Cooker where the hostess said you could giver yourself a makeover by placing your face in the steam release when the pressure tab was flipped! To say I was shocked was a understatement! That would burn like…STEAM! Duh!

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