My Holiday Desert !

Ok, actually it is a fruit salad I am liable to make year round except this one has Pomegranate Seed and that is a bit ‘seasonal’.

Bananas, Cranberry, Orange, un sweetened coconut, and about 5 peanuts.

Better than all the cream, sugar, dairy filled stuff typically used to celebrate the Season…

Count, Measure, Fear NO Calories, Protein, Nor CARBS !

(   oh yeah, remember the Hot Air Cooked Blue Berry Pancake I posted this morning?  It is gone.  I started to nibble the browned/crunchy edges after i removed the Parchment Paper, and there is NOTHING REMAINING!  It was THAT GOOD!)

[ oh, and as you can imagine, it was chocked FULL of carbs … that I did not, do not, will not, should not FEAR!! ]

({[ …  and, you should not either…]})

and… sorry about the quality of the picture   …

2 thoughts on “My Holiday Desert !

  1. Really enjoy the blog.
    Can’t wait for more people to see the blog.

    Say, what would you recommend as a substitute for butter on a sweet potato?

  2. My first reply is the following…. is one of my heroes!
    When ‘tough guys’ and ‘real men’ hear about the way I eat, they tend to be concerned that this will change me into a person who becomes a sissy, wearing skinny jeans, listening to boy bands and singing along with ALL the lyrics to Taylor Swift songs. After they see eating this way, they know, it is ok.
    I eat my potatoes with beans, rice, salad, Garlic Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Low Sodium Soy Sauce, Nutritional Yeast Flakes … … ( Whats in your pantry?).
    Just this morning, I ate two, cold, Steamed Potatoes with nothing but French’s Mustard. EASY!
    Every potato is a NEW ADVENTURE!

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