Broken Road-a song on my Play List

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Bless the Broken Road

Maybe not quite a song one would expect on a Workout Play List but there it is.

I have noted several times, that motivation for ME, comes from unusual places.

This is one of the songs Betty and I have had ‘out of the body’ experiences to while dancing, where everything and everyone disappears from the floor, time stops, and all that exists is the meeting of our eyes, and the movement of our bodies, which seem to become one.

Those are special times with the one you love.

Betty and I have shared many of those.

So, that song is one my Workout Play List, and it motivates me for many reasons.

This is one of the things I think about when I hear this song now.

What I put Betty through as well as other family members, and friends.

I chose to cause them suffering by the lifestyle choices I made that brought me to this hospital bed after Triple By Pass.

My choices almost caused a Broken Road to occur… almost a dead end.

“…I think about the years I spent, just passing through,
I’d like to have the time I lost, and give it back to you…”

I did have a opportunity to give some lost time back to everyone.

I guess I came close to ending it all with the condition in which I had placed myself, and the surgery too.  I mean, they had to scrounge around four places in my legs to find enough usable veins to sew together, to be able to By Pass the clogged Arteries on my heart.

(You do know that ON AVERAGE, a By Pass or Stent Placement will occur again with in a year for about 34% of people having their first?) [Not me!!]

But, as it stands today, it seems I escaped the ‘Broken Road’ as an exit, and now it has become a new path to be shared.

I just started reading a book Finding Ultra by a fellow named Rich Roll.

And of course, he can be followed on FaceBook at Rich Roll

He didn’t have a heart attack but he had a number of stages he went through that were major changes for him

Good story!

We all have events that come to our lives and how we react to these will determine the road we follow.

Sometimes the road is much better and more interesting than the road we were on…

Thank goodness for the Broken Roads we encounter.

Thank the Road that sometimes becomes Broken, and offers a change, and thank goodness for the chance to make a change.

What songs are on your Play List?

Never counting calories, measuring proteins, nor fearing CARBS.

Oh yeah, yesterday 2/17/2018 I jogged on the treadmill for 65 minutes, at 2.8 mph for a distance of 3.03 miles.

Another new record.

That 1:05 is one hour, and five minutes …


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