TOENAILS…I cut my own.

That is not intended to be gross.

It is more like a cry of VICTORY!

I have seen folks who could not care for their own toe nails.  Maybe because of vision, or lack of strength, or skills.

MY problems in the  past is that my big belly was in the way.

I also had these problems with that big belly getting in the way when I tried to lace up my boots.

(I wear lace up Ropers with a walking heal since regular cowboy boots seem to hurt my feet terribly.  Betty and I ‘boot-scoot’ the old school way…. you know, the man leads, the woman follows, you show courtesy on the floor for the other dancers, and guard your form as the couple holds their partner on the proper form.  BUT we are ‘dinosaurs’, ‘antiques’ and the such when it comes to dancing…. today’s Dance Clubs are … )

Perhaps I should return to the subject at hand… my feet.

I remember ‘Dumb and Dummer’ when one of the main characters was getting a pedicure with a 110 volt power grinder…. that was funny!  But I fear, could be ‘close’ to some situations…

My feet are in pretty good shape considering they do show that I inherited a large number of features from my Moms side of the family.

Betty describes my feet as resembling ‘Platypus  Feet’

Maybe someday she will do a ‘guest appearance’ and blog what she means to say….

Nevertheless, and, whatever, I can quite comfortably trim my own toe nails and take as much time as I wish, and not have to gasp for breath, or lament the fact that I cannot reach the ‘work area’ for the obstruction of the excess weight stored at the tummy area.

Actually this morning, after I had jogged just over three miles on the treadmill, and then showered, I was able to comfortably put my foot on the counter top in the Restroom, and trim the toe nails….(one foot at a time, of course)

That is so much better than the times at my highest weight when I could barely reach my feet, let alone, trim my nails!


I have had a pedicure once in my Life.  Betty insisted since we were going to be in Hawaii and she didn’t want my toes to look bad while on the beach.  The Pedicurist gave me a good ‘HOW TO’ lesson for the care of my feet.  I learned a lot that day.

I actually enjoyed it all, but have not had another since ….( oh bother! that was almost 20 years ago!)

Being able to tie my own shoes, with out discomfort, is a great freedom!

Just like not counting calories, not measuring proteins, and not fearing carbs…

(Isn’t it strange the ‘things’ that make one happy!? )

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