Jogging 10 K in ONE HOUR? WOW!

Ok, so yesterday I was so proud to jog 54 minutes, non-stop, on the treadmill, at a speed of 2.5 mph.  The means I jogged 2.25 miles in that time.

Today I open a Birthday present from my daughter, which includes a cable jump rope.

I want to jump rope so bad.

Most of the attempts to ‘jump rope’ resulted in one or two hops, then it became stuck on something…. so I started over.

One time I made it to 18 ‘jumps’ and then the rope became hung up on something…. like my foot …. I never knew jumping rope was so difficult.

Then one of my ‘heroes’ sends a note of encouragement concerning my jogging.

In that, she mentioned she had to build up to jogging for one hour, then from there, she went with the goal of jogging 10K, in one hour.

Ok, I went to Frenship High School where I majored in Girls, Football, and being the funniest guy on campus who ate Sunflower Seeds all day, even in Math Class, and never ‘got caught’…

…but quickly the math show me at the current speed of jogging, of which I am so proud of, I am looking at FOUR HOURS to make 10K.

Or, to make 10 K in one hour, I need to increase my speed to FOUR TIME FASTER than my current record.


Another ‘hero’ I spoke with tells me he wears regular Nike Running Shoes.  This is a really smart fellow who is closer to 80 years old, than I am closer to 70 years old.

Do they still make PF FLYERS?

Those were the good super hero shoes back in the early 60s…

Hopefully these will help with my current situation …

All I have to do is get the ‘correct shoes’ ? Right?

PS…. well I have a problem…

It is now 9:22pm on my 63 Birthday and it is maybe 82 minutes past my usual ‘bedtime’…. but it has occurred to me that 10 K is not 10 miles.

( Dang, I lived in South America where everything was Kilometers, and not MILES…. !!)

I asked Siri and 10 K is only 6.21 miles, so I have to increase my speed by around 3 times….

(I hate math …. it just never added up for me….)

Ok, that is better than an increase of four times….

I’m going to bed

Later y’all…

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