2 new achievements! Feb. 12, 2018

#1.  ‘Steps’ taken in one day


My previous record setting number of ‘steps’ in one day was just over 15,000 in a day.


And for the 2nd ‘New’ record achievement …

This evening I was on the treadmill at a ‘jog’ for 61 minutes, at the speed of 2.6 mph and the ‘new record’ is that it is the 2nd jog in a row to go that amount of time, and at that speed.

For me, that is a ‘big deal’.

It is just not that long ago working out was the last thing to ever cross my mind.

And now, setting records!!

HOWEVER, I do need to remember to be mindful I could trip over a crack in the sidewalk…. so, you know ….. be mindful and fall ‘well’ should the need arises.

But until ‘then’…

… ‘this’ is how I feel …


OH! and as always, not counting, not measuring, and not fearing.

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