When did eating Plants become STUPID?

Why is eating PLANTS stupid?

Why do some people act like eating dead animals is ‘cool’, ‘macho’?


Have we developed so far as the Human Race that we have to kill something and eat its decomposing muscles to show how wonderful and smart we are?  or maybe to show how powerful we are over lessor creatures….

Please watch this video of Dr Baxter Montgomery.(Click Link Below)

Dr. Baxter Montgomery

There is no VOODOO to eating plants.

Eating dead animals muscles and body parts is a nasty thing our culture has learned to prefer, and ‘enjoy’.

In fact, it kinda reminds me of the first cigarette I took, and drew a big draw of smoke, and inhaled.

I literally thought I had just inhaled a chest full of insane fire ants with red hot sledge hammers hacking away inside my chest! BUT I WAS SOOOOO COOL AND MACHO… I repeated the stupidity until the injury to myself became a learned behavior …

…and I can remember obeying the addiction to the ‘smoke’, that I even stooped to picking old stogies from public ash trays and getting one or two more puffs, because I didn’t have the money to buy my own pack.

Really, I did that several times.

BUT that proved I was a ‘real man’ huh!!??

Yea, that is about as logical as saying , “I have to have my MEAT”.


Shake my head … … …

If you insist on eating dead animal decomposing muscle and body parts, fine…. keep looking in the internet and find ‘reports’ that say it is healthy to do so.

You can also find reports that say government and politicians are really interested in your freedoms and well being…


Imagine your Mom and Dad dying from a wonderful fun filled, FULL and HAPPY life…

I am sad to say I recall my Mom and Dad dying from awful cancer, and other lifestyle Standard American Diet Death Diseases.

Those are stupid.

Stupid because they were choices.

So were those first cigarettes I smoked so I would learn the addiction.

I was so cool, and a real tough guy….

…. a real tough guy ….

Please watch the video linked above…

That is one cool Doctor.

And little ol’ me ?

I’m just over here not counting calories, not measuring protein, and never fearing carbs….

planning a marathon run in the next months…




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