What ‘kind?’ of music is SEETHER?

Today’s Work Out Play List that ‘got me going was FINE AGAIN  by Seether.

Click on link and see if it plays….

Why is that on my play list?

The beat, rhythm… and drive of the song.  And the fact that my dear friend LeRoi had it on a play list he gave to me several years ago.

I was considering playing drums with his Band and wanted to learn his songs.

I hung on to his play list, and learned to love some of the songs.

The day before my Triple By Pass I tried to do my best to focus on something beside the surgery, so I listened to LeRoi’s Play List.

I posted this picture in a Facebook Album about the surgery and the days after.

I wrote this about the picture and the event depicted …

“… At the end of the day before the surgery, my music of choice was the Set List my bud LeRoi Maseygave me few years ago … Pearl Jam , Judas Priest, Stone Temple Pilot, Breaking Benjamin, Toadies, Everclear, Theory of a Deadman, Alien Ant Farm, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Collective Soul, Eagle Eye Cherry… Others. I have gone through it twice today. Although at this time I am going for some Bad Company. Oh yea...”

Man, I wonder if I was still under anesthesia? while I wrote that?

Here are a few pictures of LeRoi and the guys playing some of those songs.

LeRoi is my Buddy.

He hardly left my side while I was in for the By Pass.

I am waiting for LeRoi to send me a picture of him on his Tricycle…

He and the family are starting the McDougall Starch Program this month.

I told him I need a good ‘before’ picture.

I want to play drums for LeRoi some day.

Maybe in 2065 for my Birthday Party.

LeRoi is a ‘hell of a singer’.

He is a ‘Hell of a Friend’ too

Love you LeRoi.

Ride that Tricycle Brother! and remember, don’t count calories, don’t measure protein, and don’t be afraid of Carbs.



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