My First Vegan Restaurant … Really… IN COWTOWN !

… and it was in COW TOWN USA!  Fort Worth, Texas

Who would have ever thought that would happen?

It was a wonderful visit to Spiral Diner & Bakery

Click on the above link and check out the Menu, Location etc.

We had seen several comments while on WFPB Facebook pages concerning Ft Worth, Texas.

Since it was my 63rd Birthday, I decided that was what I wanted for my ‘Big Day’.

I will tell you right now, I am giving 5 STARS for the entire experience except for the parking which does have a ‘good’ side, and the fact that it was a bit noisy in the seating area, but then remember, I am officially old now so I am allowed to be a bit grumpy, right?


Sorry…. I am back now….

[darned kids]

I will be going back to Spiral Diner & Bakery soon, and many times after that!

I cannot wait to take friends and family there.

It was a wonderful time, and FOOD!

Shocking could be a more appropriate term!  Shocking in a good way!

The plus side to the parking issue is that this is in a old part of Fort Worth that is being renewed.

You gotta love that!

Mrs Bairds old house is right down from the location of the Restaurant.  And the parking is still so much better that the parking at a big ‘BOX STORE’.  Mercy!

And the noise inside…. again this building is maybe 100 years old?  That is older than me.

Did ‘they’ even care about quiet, romantic dinning 100 years ago?

History.  You gotta love that…

Folks this could be a lot of ‘things’ other than fantastic food, friendly and helpful service, a wonderful history, and did I mention the food.

Oh yea, I did…. shockingly good.

And another thing…. I just finished the left overs for supper tonight …

They were even better than ‘on site’ … (I love leftovers)

Betty and I shared Nacho Cheese and Chips, a cup of Da Gumbo, I had a Big Kahuna (?) Hawaiian Burger, Betty had a House Burger with a Portobello Mushroom Patty and Potato Salad on the side.  We also had a Chocolate Pecan Brownie for desert…. but we were so ‘stuffed’, it came home in a carry out wrapping.

The prices were better than I had ‘feared’, and for the quality and amount of servings, the price was more than reasonable.

I want to go back and get a good seat some busy day, and sit so I can see every plate as it comes from the kitchen.

I will of course be trying something new, until I have tried them all.

(You all remember I have said over and over, since I have become free of the addiction to salt, and sugar, ALL REAL FOOD TASTES FANTASTIC ! )

The food we had today, was, (again) shockingly good.

Our server was very well spoken, educated about the food, preparations, and very sure when she said there is no Animal Products, No Eggs, No Dairy.  I asked her to repeat that, and she said again, there was No Animal Products, No Eggs, No Dairy used in the food presented at Spiral Diner & Bakery.

I am in love, and will be going back asap.

For sure before the 64th Birthday.

( I saw some of the ‘Nice Cream’ creations coming to the tables around us and they were beautiful! AND THE NACHOS !! OMG they were huge, and looked very tasty!)

Ok.  Folks, I will never ‘look back’ at how I ate before my Heart Attack, By Pass and ‘enlightenment’ concerning Real Food and Nutrition.

After stuffing my belly with the delights today, we drove around parts of Fort Worth where Betty went to First and Second Grade, past the Historical Mrs Bairds House, and then went shopping for a moment at Natural Grocers …. then we drove over an hour back home to Granbury…. and not once did I get that sleepy, groggy, knocked out feeling I used to get from eating all the Cholesterol Filled, Greasy, Artery Clogging Death Filled Standard American Diet.

Did I mention this place is in Cow Town USA?

Mercy…. times are changing.

I am glad.

Two thumbs up! 5 STARS! and all the wonderful marks I can give to Spiral Diner & Bakery

Since I have ‘gone’ Whole Food Plant Based’ …. I do not count calories, I do not measure protein, and I never fear CARBS.

I do love eating!


Self Righteous People and “Bump in the Road”

No, I haven’t been back on the treadmill this morning, it is 6am and I am just now enjoying the 2nd cup of coffee….

But I do want to address two subjects this morning.

During the four weeks ‘of recovery’ after my Triple By Pass, I watched Plant Pure Nation‘ on Netflix, then I watched ‘Forks Over Knives’‘.

These really changed my outlook on life.

I started joining every group of Whole Food Plant Based/McDougall Starch Plan/Joel Furhman Eat to Live/Dr Greger How Not to Die,  … … … and others …  mostly on Facebook.

These are great sites, and there are others that are great help and information!

However, I began to notice a large number of folks or contributors were somewhat…. self appointed JUDGES of what was, and was not acceptable to ‘the plan’….

People were getting so judgmental, and critical… especially of newcomers…

After a while I narrowed my group I followed to just a few.  I now select to follow new groups very carefully.

If I have come across to you as critical, then I have been found guilty of that same attitude which rubs me the ‘wrong way’.

I find it is easy to become critical of others who do not hold the same view as I, or participate in a ‘like’ activity, or who have not traveled as far or as ‘deep’ as I have…

When I find myself ‘that way’, I try to remember to calm it down, and remember not everyone is on the same path as I, and they have  different motivations than I.

I get excited to have found a ‘cure’ or ‘prevention’ to all the common, chronic diseases that the general public seem to be submerged …

And sometimes I get an attitude…

I remember that when I started this ‘journey’ I started by simply giving up colas. I also started eating a lot more beans and rice.  Soon, I added a lot of Salad to the bean and rice, but still used dairy ‘dips’ as a dressing, BUT only a table spoon or two per plate…

I had lost about 30 pounds when the Heart Attack occurred.

The changes I have made since have been to reverse the Heart Disease.

Most people alive today have no idea, nor care that they have Heart Disease.  Most people just want to lose weight.  So, that is their motivation…. well, main motivation…

I really believe most people have a inner voice screaming that just eating healthy would be urgently necessary….but that voice is shut down by society and the LOUD voice of all the propaganda SHOVED DOWN their throat 24/7  … ! ” …diet ! DIET ! DIET!!…”

Judgemental attitudes really turn me off…. but then liars and deceivers just make me angry.

Ok, I have addressed that issue this morning, and it is now 6:49am.

(Why does it take so long to type out your thoughts?)

Now, SUBJECT #2.

Yesterday I started the ‘Accountability and Workout Play List’ thing hoping to find some music you enjoy while working out , and why …. and maybe adding it to my list.

The following was the LAST song played from my random shuffle yesterday…

“Bump in the Road” Jonny Lang

Click the link above and see the lyrics and there is also a link to hear the song played.

For those of you who have never been around a CB Radio, you may not know the ‘story’ is from the perspective of a guy on a Citizens Band Radio in his vehicle (more than likely a Truck Driver).

(In the late 70s I had a CB Radio… ?? what was my ‘handle’? )


The point of the song that ‘does something for me’ is that, what ever the difficulty ‘at hand’, it can be considered only a ‘bump in the road’

Generally, a bump in the road comes and goes and it is just a memory.

Of course, when the bump is occurring, the ‘time’ seems to be lasting FOREVER !

(Someday I will share what I think I think about this thing we call ‘TIME’)

But this song tells me to just keep going….

… what ever the bump… just keep going….

” …Can’t slow down not for the weather
Won’t back down,

I know, I know it gets better
Too far now if I can keep it together
Won’t turn around

Can’t slow down, won’t back down,

too far now

Won’t turn around not now

for just a bump in the road …”

Just keep going

Just keep going…

That is what that song means to me.

Just keep going, ‘it’ is just a bump in the road…

Sixty years of ‘clean out’ to be done. Why have we not been told this could be done? Why have we not been told all these Chronic Diseases can be avoided?

Not counting calories, not measuring protein, never fearing carbs.







Accountability and My Workout Playlist

Someone was complaining yesterday that they didn’t want to workout because they had no workout partner, or accountability partner.

I see the logic behind that however I prefer no one around when I work out because I am wearing socks, shoes and my sexy underwear, a sweat band and headphones.

In case you are hoping, then you are correct…. In this picture I am wearing the blue pair…

This picture was taken today, February 8, 2018.

Tomorrow I will celebrate my 63rd Birthday.

But lets go back to today because I want to share two things…

#1.  I jogged on the treadmill for a record time of 54 minutes at any speed.  But this was at 2.5 mph according to the treadmill readout.

Proof is on the monitor…

That 55 seconds was getting everything lined up and the ‘speed’ to 2.5mph.

#2. The first song off my play list that ‘ got things going’.

Garth Brooks ‘Standing Outside the Fire’

This got me in the mind set of moving beyond the physical and into the ‘zone’ I guess you call it.

Ever song after that one just built on the other.

Why does it affect me this way?

Have you seen the video?

Watch it.

I can’t watch it with out being flooded with emotion.

It moves me deeply.

Folks, you might understand ‘how deeply’ if you could realize how much I was addicted to cigarettes, fried food, junk food, sodas, binge eating, sugar, chocolate…  you know, all that stuff that clogs the entire vascular system of a body….?


You knew how deeply I used to think eating Plants was stupid, and how necessary it was to eat dead animal decomposing muscle and body parts or secretions of a lactation bladder producing rapid growth fluid for calves….

…. and if you knew how much I detested ‘working out’, ‘jogging’, lifting weights … …

But when I had my ‘mind changed’…

… it really ‘changed’….


Every day I have a song from my Workout Playlist, move me, I will share the song from the Blog, and a little about why it moves me.

Sometimes it will be noble like this song, and its wonderful significance…

… some will just be dark and scary, but….

sometimes one type or the other will make pumping weights or staying at the treadmill another 4 or 5 minutes something I can do….

What songs motivate you?  What ‘lights your fire?’ ….

Share it with me.

And why it motivates you…

I might add it to my list…

Today I thank Garth Brooks and the song ‘Standing Outside the Fire’.

Great Music, Great Story!

Not counting calories, not measuring Protein, and not fearing Carbs….

Not afraid of the fire either….

When did eating Plants become STUPID?

Why is eating PLANTS stupid?

Why do some people act like eating dead animals is ‘cool’, ‘macho’?


Have we developed so far as the Human Race that we have to kill something and eat its decomposing muscles to show how wonderful and smart we are?  or maybe to show how powerful we are over lessor creatures….

Please watch this video of Dr Baxter Montgomery.(Click Link Below)

Dr. Baxter Montgomery

There is no VOODOO to eating plants.

Eating dead animals muscles and body parts is a nasty thing our culture has learned to prefer, and ‘enjoy’.

In fact, it kinda reminds me of the first cigarette I took, and drew a big draw of smoke, and inhaled.

I literally thought I had just inhaled a chest full of insane fire ants with red hot sledge hammers hacking away inside my chest! BUT I WAS SOOOOO COOL AND MACHO… I repeated the stupidity until the injury to myself became a learned behavior …

…and I can remember obeying the addiction to the ‘smoke’, that I even stooped to picking old stogies from public ash trays and getting one or two more puffs, because I didn’t have the money to buy my own pack.

Really, I did that several times.

BUT that proved I was a ‘real man’ huh!!??

Yea, that is about as logical as saying , “I have to have my MEAT”.


Shake my head … … …

If you insist on eating dead animal decomposing muscle and body parts, fine…. keep looking in the internet and find ‘reports’ that say it is healthy to do so.

You can also find reports that say government and politicians are really interested in your freedoms and well being…


Imagine your Mom and Dad dying from a wonderful fun filled, FULL and HAPPY life…

I am sad to say I recall my Mom and Dad dying from awful cancer, and other lifestyle Standard American Diet Death Diseases.

Those are stupid.

Stupid because they were choices.

So were those first cigarettes I smoked so I would learn the addiction.

I was so cool, and a real tough guy….

…. a real tough guy ….

Please watch the video linked above…

That is one cool Doctor.

And little ol’ me ?

I’m just over here not counting calories, not measuring protein, and never fearing carbs….

planning a marathon run in the next months…



Looking back a year, and looking forward a year…

My motivations come from many directions.

The motivation to get on the treadmill last year around June 2017 came from a dear family member saying I had lost so much weight, I looked like an old man with nothing on my arms but skin and bones.

And all that time I was thinking that was a good thing.  Hell, I want to lose 16 more pounds and be sure the visceral fat is gone from around my vital organs.  But to someone near and dear to me, I looked …. wrong.

What ever the motivation or reason, or opinion, I got on the treadmill and found Bettys 2 and 3 pound hand weights, and both sets of ankle weights you strap around the ankle.

We came across some 30lb barbells, I bought some 10lb weights and then Joshua bought me the set of Powerblock Weights that adjust from 3 lbs up to 50lbs for each hand.

Ok, I bought some mirrors to watch my muscles on my shoulders while working out.  In a year, that BETTER look different than it did on the day I started.  Ok, I can see my thigh muscles on my right leg too, but everything else is blocked by the treadmill.

I follow several fellow on Facebook, who have incredible stories.  They have become some of the motivation I hold to these days.

On fellow is Tim Kaufman, or

He was one of my first heroes.  His story is one the ‘guys’ in the warehouse could appreciate.  He is a ‘real’ mans man.  And his wife is really pretty and her ‘story’ equals Fatmans, if not surpasses.  Find him on Facebook or on line.

One of the others is a fellow named J Lanning Smith who you can follow on Facebook, of course,  J Lanning Smith ,

… or his web site

This fellow has quite a story too…. (he is 76 years old, and has inspired me to run a marathon within the next year.  He just did a 5K the other day and finished 5th among men in his age group.

I want to do that.

Looking back at where I was physically just a year ago… I was better overall physical shape than I had been for … decades.

In spite of all the ‘unknowns’ about why they had to search four places on my legs to find usable veins to complete the Triple By Pass, and COULD I HAVE REVERSED the whole blockage issue with a lifestyle change thus avoiding the Surgery and $300,000 surgery…. it seems the surgery was a success.

BUT! HEY! I have been a nearly PERFECT PATIENT too!

Well, except that I stopped going to the Doctor, Cardiologist, I self diagnosed to stop medications…. ALL medications….even Baby Aspirin… I replaced every medication with food as my medicine.

And so since I was/am not such a perfect patient, I need to tell you, do not do as I did/do … I AM NOT A DOCTOR…. I have been accused of being a loony toon more than once…. so I am not giving medical advice in any form or fashion.

Don’t sue me.  You can’t get blood from a turnip.

So where would I like to find myself in a year…

Fit as a fiddle,  running marathons, and having a body hard as a rock and rippled with good looking oldman muscles.

And no visceral fat anywhere to be found.

That stuff HAS GOT TO GO!  ANY FAT left on my body is not welcome.  Fat is not your friend, nor mine.

So, my 63rd birthday is next Friday, February 9th.  I was born in 1955.

I am planning a 110th birthday party for the year 2065.

You are invited.

But next year, 2019, when I turn 64, I hope the jogging on the treadmill for almost 23 minutes non stop, at a speed of 2.5 mph is a fond memory, and thing of the past.  That was the time I spent on the treadmill today… after about three sets of oldman gentle stuff I do before the treadmill and weights.

Let us hope, that I can double the time, speed, and /or distance…

Oh and by the way, what are some of the songs that you listen to to motivate you while you work out?

Share them…


Tell me why they motivate you…


Never counting, measuring, nor fearing, calories, proteins, carbs.

Yea, it BETTER look better come February 9th, 2019… a lot better!

… it will !


Seasoned Potato Wedges! MY WAY!

Cook them first, THEN SEASON THEM!

I prefer to ‘bake’ my potatoes, by steaming them in the Instant Pot.

I can steam a pot full and never have to worry about the alleged horrors of using the microwave oven.  In seven minutes, they are ready to go and I take the water in the bottom of the pan and water potted plants, so I am reusing water, plus any nutrients in the water from the steaming process are, at least, not sent to the septic system and be wasted with the other waste.

Yea, I am OCD about stuff like that…. really OCD. (Poor Betty)

But after the potatoes cool off, I slice them and then place them in the Hot Air Cooking Bowl.  I am sure they are placed ‘skin down’ when possible, and not touching each other.

Then I cook for about 8 minutes at 370.  Then for some reason, I cook them again at 400 for about 4 minutes since they were not browned enough after the first session.

Usually by now, they are turning GOLDEN and very attractive!

Here is the key to success for my endeavor!

Get a spray bottle meant for spraying cooking oils.  NEVER USE IT FOR OIL !  Oil is bad and will kill you with a slow death.  YES EVEN OLIVE OIL and its EVIL TWIN Coconut Oil…. BAD BAD STUFF!

Anyway, put LOW SODIUM SOY SAUCE, or pickle juice, lemon juice in the manual spray bottle, pump it up, then lightly cover the potato wedges, THEN sprinkle on your seasoning of choice!

The flavor will be richer than if you cook, and burn on the seasoning while roasting the wedges… or think about this folks!!!! ….

… your hot air pop corn…… your oven baked corn tortillas… cooked, THEN FLAVORED with a quick spritz of Soy Sauce, then the Garlic Powder, Chili Powder, Date Powdered ‘Sugar'(100% Whole Dates Powdered) … …

… or all the above!

Ok, that is too much.

( or is it?)

I really meant to only do this one potato today so I could get the pictures for this blog post, but the potato turned out so well, I ate it along with the bowl of other goodies, which had some left overs and they will be a mid morning snack.

This was a Yukon Gold Potato.  They have a different flavor than any other potato, and are great for making the wedge in the oven or the Hot Air Cooker.

What spices would you add to your wedge?

Remember, you can almost never add too many whole spices to what ever you are preparing.  And also do not forget…

Spices are some of the richest sources of antioxidants and other necessary nutrients … and FLAVOR!  Just be sure to use spices with NO additives, and no salt added.

Enjoy!  Don’t punish yourself with counting calories, measuring protein, and fearing carbs.

Just simply enjoy!

These taters are coated heavily, and heavenly with Garlic Powder and Chili Powder.  The Low Sodium Soy Sauce was sprayed before and after the spices were applied.  They were still warm and were the best I have ever eaten.

So far…


I do not give ‘A DAMN’ about the Super Bowl.

Nor the half time show…

Nor the commercials.

I lived in Brazil South America for a few years in the late 80s, and into the early 90s.

I was a Missionary in an Independent Baptist Mission Agency.

I was ‘squeaky clean’.  After studying the language in classes in Brazil, with Brazilian Teachers, I was fairly good at the language.  One teacher told me my ability to make ‘puns’ in a second language showed an accomplishment most rarely achieve.

I had dreams in Portuguese… still do !

But I never learned profanity, ‘sex’ talk, or vulgar terms, nor medical things…

I did learn about Bacardi Rum though… Brazilian Bacardi Rum.

You could buy this off the Grocery Store shelf.  For ‘pennies on the dollar’ compared to the Stateside price.

No, I never tasted it.  I was a Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary… squeaky clean you know!

How could it be so ‘cheap’ compared to the same product Stateside?

Government SUBSIDIES.  The Government was helping the Sugar Cane Industry with lots of assistance.  That main effort was to make alcohol for cars, thus reducing the need for gasoline that needed importing.  And Brazil could grow LOTS of Sugar Cane… and make a lot of CHEAP liquor too.  The bad thing was that a lot of Coffee Growers ripped the Coffee Trees out to grow Government Subsidized Sugar Cane.

I was told, the Government needed to provide cheap liquor, soccer, and Carnival, or else the masses would sober up, ignore sports, and put their pants back on…. realize how corrupt the government REALLY was, then over throw the corrupt politicians, and the jerks in power would out of office.

Well, if this was a ‘plan’ to keep the masses sedated with liquor, crazed with sports, and at least once a year partying naked in the streets, then, ‘it’ was working.

Yeah, I know…there I go chasing crazy conspiracy theories again …

So what.  Do you believe everything your told to believe?

Fine…. you will be happier if you do….

“!!! WAIT!!! SQUIRREL !!!

Really, you will be happier that way ….

It has been twenty or so years since I have seen a Super Bowl Game.

I played Football in High School and College.  Ok, College was Flag Football, but it was FULL CONTACT, no pads.  AND we were playing the heretics from other religions so it was ‘legal’ to bust a “heretic” in the mouth while playing football.  (Our team won the Championship every year, and put a few heretics in the ER too …)

I loved the sport.  And so far, the lower part past the knee on the right leg has not fallen off… yet.

I began to depart from my addiction to Football after the Dallas Cowboys fired Tom Landry and then sold the team to an Okie.

Then I began to understand these sports stars were getting paid way too much money and the return to me was not a good exchange rate in my favor.  I was getting disappointed more than I was being rewarded.  Plus, if ‘the Team’ lost, I was so sad till next week, then often another week of disappointment waited for me…  Thank GOD I didn’t follow the Red Raiders …

My ‘life’ was under the control of a stupid sports team.

Also, WHY is the NFL enjoying a TAX EXEMPT status…like a ‘CHURCH’ … … …?  Then usually we tax payers end up paying for the building of the new Stadiums/Cathedrals… they might use more than 20 Sundays a year?

You are being drugged and sedated folks.

Screw that.

Screw sports.

Plus I met Betty on 9/11/1997 and she enjoyed a sport that left you smiling every time… I wasn’t going to pass that up was I ?

Ok I just changed the sports I followed.

But back to the TV Sports…

Commercials.  I hate them.  For years before I stopped having TV in my life, I had already begun to ‘MUTE’ Commercials.  I hate them.  They insult me.  Radio ads are the same way.  I can’t stand them.  I refuse to allow something like a commercial tell me what to want, need, and go pay for, just so I can keep up with the ‘Jones’….plus  they yell at me while they do it ….

Have you noticed how people will sit in a living room where you are a guest, and let the TV, and Commercials play instead of talking with you?

Have you noticed the TV is now playing every damned place you go?

I stopped buying gas at a Station because the TV Clips from last nights talk show were playing from the Gas Pump.  My Hearing Aid Doctor back in Lubbock has a insulting TV playing Morning Talk Shows spouting utter BULL _HIT while I wait to get Hearing Aids?  (Sometimes going deaf has its benefits…)

OH! But, You haven’t noticed all the TVs and the crap they are spewing into your brain?

Humm … … …

I couldn’t give a DAMN about the Super Bowl.

In my opinion the Super Bowl is as stupid as Counting Calories, Measuring Protein, or being Afraid of Carbs.

Orwells book ‘1984’ should be moved from the FICTION section of the Library, and placed in the HISTORY SECTION.  Or maybe, Current Events … …

Two Recipes YOU WILL LOVE!

Ok, I told you I would try a couple of new recipes after I returned from the Grocery this morning and here there are!

These are the kinds of things you make, and they are fantastic at that time but you know they will be even better tasting later, or tomorrow.  Setting and ‘resting’ together will blend the flavors even more.

I have never been a fan of mayo.  Until 1985 I thought the famous Salad Dressing was mayo.  That is what we called it at our house. I was making Miracle Whip Sandwiches as a kid, and had no idea they were not mayonnaise sandwiches….

Oh well, you live and you learn…. hopefully.

Easy Low-Fat, Eggless Mayo

The reason I made this was because the No Egg Salad  called for it, so I knew it would be required.

It is easy and all I needed was the silken tofu.  It was $1.99 at Kroger.  I had everything else.

It is pretty tasty on celery too!

But please remember, since I have gone WFPB, everything tastes great!  Everything I try from recipes like these ‘official’ recipes are fantastic, and I always have 2nds and can’t wait to eat more!  This is wonderful!

(OK, sometimes my ‘shooting from the hip’ created recipes from my spontaneous creativity are not real winners, but hey! we are learning, right?!)

There, I said it and you know I am being honest.

So we are down to the highlight of the day and that is the next recipe.  Egg Salad with no egg.

I will tell you right off the start…. I had two for lunch.

This is too much fun!

Click the following link to get the recipe…

No-Egg Salad

I am printing these and other favorite recipes and keeping them in a old fashion three ring binder…( see it in the first picture above?)

This way I can make notes and remember to do certain things the next time….

Plus when turmeric powder gets on the pages, it looks really authentic and ‘homey’.  Hopefully my kids will appreciate that after I am gone, and they are using the cook book I am compiling…

Ok, so you clicked on the link ‘No-Egg Salad’ a few sentences above, right?

One of the changes I made was the part where it talks about using a blender with the first mixing of ingredients…. I changed that to the food processor.

Betty spend about $40 bucks for a Food Processor and I use it 50 times to one use of a blender.

It is easier to empty, clean and just easier all around!

Blenders are a pain.  And no I do not have a ‘HIGH DOLLAR’ blender, so that may be the issue for my preference, but hey!  I have heard that some people have placed a ‘bullet’ blender in relationships as deep as a marital status…. I am just not ready to go there yet…

( yea yea yea, I remember, I am learning ….)

So I only got one picture of an actual sandwich, but it ‘looked like’, ‘felt like’ and ‘tasted’ like a egg salad sandwich to me.

I had it on  Ezekiel Low Sodium Bread

You will find these products in the freezer section of the store.  This loaf was on sale for $4.99 today.  Yeah, it ain’t cheap, but it is a healthier choice.

So, a happy day at oldmanskinandbones kitchen!

And as usual all I did was enjoy myself, and not count calories, nor measure protein, and certainly did NOT FEAR CARBS.

OH YEAH! one more thing….

Be careful when blending the mayo recipe, and don’t forget to put the lid back on after you stir it a bit….

Let your body work its MAGIC!!

Our bodies are self healing MACHINES!

They are so amazing!  It is like MAGIC!

Unless we continue to work directly against our selves…

I smoked for several decades.  It was nearing two packs a day when I took my last smoke Good Friday, 2008.  I just stopped ‘cold turkey’.  I became very disgusted with that nasty habit, but more so, I became disgusted with allowing the habit to control my life, even though I KNEW it was bad for me, and just plain stupid to continue smoking.

This year, 2018, I celebrate 10 years smoke free.

I wish I could say the same for eating healthy.

BUT HEY! I am starting my THIRD YEAR of eating to heal myself, and not KILL MYSELF!


So, folks, if you are over ten years old, and you have been injuring yourself at least three times a day (breakfast, lunch, supper) you have Heart Disease.  If you are about forty years old, the Human Livestock Industry is ‘counting the days’ until you arrive ready for your stint placement, and or By Pass Operations [yep they plan for you to have as many of those as possible]…

…you have been raised up to be a ‘number’ in the plan for a source to sell Medicine, Office Visits, 24 Hour Clinic Visits, Procedures, Maintenance Programs, Insurance, ( Life / Health / Death) ….

You are Livestock.

UNLESS! You decide to be something else… like, Healthy, and Wise, and Defiant.

Watch a five minute video that will show you how to be free from the Livestock Lifestyle.

“How Not to Die from Heart Disease”

Join the Defiance.

Take charge of your life.

And lay down the smaller hammer, and let your body do that magic! and heal itself.

I made that decision ‘gently’ in May 2015, then after the Triple By Pass October 5, 2015, I became dreadfully serious.

Today is February 3, 2018.  I am about to go to the grocery store with a list of some new food items for the kitchen.  My food selections are now wonderful, and HEALTHY.

There is not any animal product on my list. Only plants, fruits, grains, and all those as close to ‘whole’ (unprocessed) as possible.

I am so excited about eating…getting healthy…never having another Heart Attack, By Pass, nor Stent…. and yes, with every bite of ‘HEALTH’ I take, I tell the Human Livestock Industry to ‘SHOVE IT’ …. I refuse to be a part of the plan.

You can chose to allow your body to do its ‘magic’, or you can chose to continue to injure, re injure, over and over till you become another ‘number’…

In DEFIANCE, I will not count calories.  In DEFIANCE, I will not measure PROTEIN.  In Defiance, I WILL NOT FEAR CARBS!

Let the healing began.


NO TUNA – Salad ! A 100% WIN!!!

This stuff is a 100% WINNER!

I am making it again tomorrow!

(Follow the link below!)

“No-Tuna” Salad Sandwich

Betty even LOVES THIS STUFF!!!

If someone doesn’t know better, they will think it has TUNA.

It does not have tuna.

And it is AWESOME!!

Keep an eye out for post tomorrow!

I am making NO OIL MAYO, and NO EGG SALAD.

Updates tomorrow (Feb. 3, 2018)

Oh, if you have not watched ‘Forks Over Knives’… watch it!  Check out Netflix and it is FREE !

It changed my life!

Count no-Measure No-Fear No Calories/Protein/Carbs!