Jogged 62 Minutes @ 2.6 mph Feb 10, 2018

Ok I actually jogged, non-stop for 61 minutes non-stop at the speed of 2.6 mph.

As last report, the first 60 seconds was getting the speed where I wanted it and the ‘ripchord’ placed properly…

This is a two in a row record setting time on the treadmill.

This is a eight minute increase in time, and a increase in the ‘speed’ from 2.5, to 2.6.

Yesterday I did not jog, but I did try to jump rope for a while and then lifted some weights and did some push ups… Leg Lifts etc.

I remember from High School Football Training you do not do weights every day, just as you would not do jogging everyday.

(Wait! THAT WAS 45 YEARS AGO !!! Is that still true today??)

Well, till I hear different, that is the pattern I am aiming for …

I find it interesting that my ‘breathing’ is so calm and deep through out the weight lifting as well as the jogging.

I enjoy taking DEEEEEEP Breaths and not exploding into spastic spasms of coughing and hacking up green lung butter like I did for decades, from decades of smoking cancer sticks and killing myself on the Standard American Death Diet… plus being so out of shape.

Ok, I need to do some Math here….

Siri says 10 K = 6.21 miles

So. If I am jogging at 2.6 mph … that is 0.0433 ‘miles’ in a minute…

6.21 miles divided by 2.6 mph = 2 hours and 39 minutes to travel that distance.

So, to do a 10 K in 60 minutes, I need to be jogging 0.1035 miles per minute x 60 = 6.21 miles. or. 10K.

So I have to double, plus a little more, my speed to get to 6,21 mph.


Ok.  I guess I need to wrap my mind around that…


I know I need to see about shoes…. and another thing or two ….

At least I do not have to worry about counting calories, measuring protein, nor Fearing Carbs…

Mercy…. this is going to be interesting at my 64th Birthday ….



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