110 and Beyond !!

I just decided that ‘110 and Beyond !!’ can be a new ‘theme’ for oldmanskinandbones.com

Yep, 110 years old and beyond.

That 110th Birthday Party is a goal I am striving to accomplish, arrive at, and fulfill as a ‘spring board’ into the next part of ‘MY LIFE’.

I do not intend to watch myself fall off and dwindle away to the stereotypical old man who is not only loosing his physical abilities, but also his mental capacities. (Well, anymore than what has already occurred, and is not able to be repaired…)

I have watched too many beautiful people in my family and circle of friends do just that, and in many ways, before ‘their time’.

Unfortunately, I am watching a large number of them ‘condition’ themselves for the dwindling way even now.

This photo ‘shows’ Jeff Novick speaking about (Full Length) Calorie Density: How To Eat More, Weigh Less and Live Longer

He begins the explanation of SQUARING THE CURVE at 54:55 minutes into the video.

He offers the possibility of not living the typical decline, or downward curve into dying for a long time, but living strong and SURE till one dies.

Then he presents the possibility of even extending the ‘square’ for yet more years.

To me, THAT is exciting… and quite the opposite of dying for a long time.

If you have not seen the movie Eating You Alive…it will help you understand all of this much better.

I do not plan to die longer.  I plan to LIVE LONGER while living till I die.

I am on a ‘new kick’ these days.

Working out, jogging, lifting weights … (Barbells and those PowerBlocks my son Joshua bought me)

… even old fashion push ups and the such.

(I have even taken some time looking at the areas around the ceiling fan where I might install a bar so I can do Chin Ups!  My daughter gave me a Birthday Present of the rubber like straps with handles on them, and there is a manner to use them doing Chin Ups that is awesome!  NOW IF I CAN FIND a way to do Sit Ups with that assistance WOW! )

[Did I mention I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT do a Sit Up?]

{ So, I do Leg Lifts … … }

You just do what you can do and go on from there…. right?

I have now jogged at a new speed of 2.8 mph for 45 minutes while I warmed up, and cooled off jogging at 2.6 mph.  And just to be clear, I stretched and then went through a quick warm up routine of push ups, legs lifts, lifting some weights and a few squats…. you know, getting warmed up for the 61 minutes of treadmill jogging.

Yesterday I spent several hours rearranging the room where I have the treadmill, and weights.

I now can look forward and watch the almost 400 pictures on a slide presentation, see myself in a mirror (from the chest up), and listen to music through a system that can play loud enough to disturb drywall taping and pictures hung in the next room.  And , no, I do not play it that loud…

I had found myself looking at pictures hung on the wall and ‘forgot’ about wanting to call the jog off before the ‘goal’ was achieved, so I came up with the idea of the slide show and now have about 400 pictures that ‘motivate’ or distract my attention from ‘quitting’.

These photos above are just a few of the appx. 400 that the slide show presents for my distraction.  Each picture carries a story with it, and some of them carry volumes.  I will need to live to 110 years of age, and beyond to tell the story of each slide.

That is just one of many reasons I need to live well beyond the normal ‘time of man’.

Another reason is a post on Facebook this morning by a Family Member, Adam Behnke, who married my niece April … or July…. which ever !

The following is the article he posted.

Physicists Created a New Form of Light

It excited me because it refers to Light Sabers and Star Wars … the possibility that these are a possibility in a near future.

I posted Adams story on my page, and the following is what I had to say about it all…

“…I just had my 63rd Birthday one week ago today. I have been going on and on about planning my Birthday in the year 2065, when I will be 110 years old. (You all are invited by the way !) Imagine what advances there will be in that day. I can remember the Saturday when Mom and Dad brought the first TV to our house, when the first telephone was installed in the hall way, the first ‘swamp cooler’ was installed in the front window of the house … … … I must ‘be here’ in 2065, and be able to understand the advances that will be ‘common place’ at that time. HEY!! today, I hate to shop in a retail store that does not offer WI-FI … mercy! OH! and that 110th Birthday Party will be the spring board into the next part of my life… we will see what goes from there! 110 and Beyond !! …”

With that, came the new, ‘theme’ or what ever I need to call this phrase….

But again I return to the ‘bottom line’.

Not long ago, I had an ‘Heart Attack’, and four days later I had a Triple By Pass.

I guess at either of those two moments, or any other random moment, I could have died.

But I didn’t, and so far, I haven’t died.

But I do believe the Heart Attack and Triple By Pass have set in motion something new in my life, and perhaps put to rest another.

I think a new outlook on life has been forcefully positioned in the forefront of my thoughts and now plans.

No longer can I simply wait and watch as my life and my ability to appreciate and enjoy that life slips away, and I even forget what was, and what could have been.

The something that has been set in motion is a passion to do what I can to repair what damage I have done to the ‘physical Ray’, provide the best in ‘fuel’ to run on, and prepare for these next ’50’ years as I practice the leap off the spring board of that 110th Birthday Party in 2065.

I really would like to travel to Mars, and of course, have my trusty Light Saber on my belt, right next to my Smart Phone.

They damned sure better have WI-FI when I get there.


Something much better ….

And they better have Whole Foods, Plants, Beans and all the other WFPB Nutritional Eats and Drinks when I get there !

…’cause I don’t plan to be counting calories, measuring proteins, NOR FEARING CARBS then any more than I do now.


( … old man my ass… )

110 and Beyond !! … that is what I’m talking about.



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